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Twizzlers Gummies


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Experience a flavor explosion with our Exotic Twizzlers Tangy Gummies! Made in Canada, these treats are perfect for snackers who love bold flavors. Enjoy the good old Canadian charm and flavor in every 182g bag.


  • Tangy: Experience a fruity symphony with our Exotic Grape and Cherry Gummies. Transport yourself to a sunny day with a burst of cherry and lemonade. Our Peach and Cherry Gummies bring pure happiness with a sweet and bold flavor combo. These gummies have a tangy kick and a zesty twist that keeps your taste buds on their toes.
  • Sweet: Indulge in sweetness with our Exotic Twizzlers Sweet Gummies. Soft, chewy, and satisfying, they're the perfect treat for when you're craving something sugary. Share with friends, keep a stash in your desk, or enjoy a sweet escape. Get ready to fall in love with each chew!
  • Fruity: Our Exotic Gummies have it all in one bag! Enjoy a citrusy punch with a twist of raspberry sweetness in our Orange + Raspberry flavor. The Watermelon + Raspberry combo is the ultimate summertime treat, while Lime + Raspberry creates a refreshing and unique flavor explosion. Quench your thirst with our gummies!