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Ooze Flare Dry Herb Vaporizer 2200mah


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Ooze Flare Dry Herb Vaporizer 2200mah


  • Ooze Brand
  • Flex Temp: Adjustable Temperature Battery (300°F - 446°F)
  • Digital Screen
  • 2200mAh battery
  • Ceramic Chamber
  • Air-Flow Technology
  • Micro Usb Charger

Introducing the Ooze Flare Dry Herb Vaporizer 2200mAh, a cutting-edge addition to Ooze's lineup of dry herb vapes. This device boasts a digital screen with flexible temperature settings, allowing for precise control over your vaping experience. Equipped with a ceramic chamber, it ensures optimal flavor with every hit.

The Ooze Flare features a unique design with a mouthpiece straw protruding from the top, making it comfortable to hold and perfect for taking large rips. Easy to use, simply remove the mouthpiece cap with the straw and load your herb into the ceramic bowl. Be mindful not to overpack, as sufficient airflow is key. Replace the cap and click the power button five times to turn on the vaporizer.

Temperature adjustments are made effortlessly using the digital screen, allowing you to set your preferred temperature anywhere between 300°F - 446°F for the perfect dry herb experience. Once set, press the button to start vaping and enjoy flavorful hits at your leisure.


  • 1 x Flare Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable


  • Rainbow
  • Cosmic Chrome
  • Lucky Gold
  • Panther Black