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Newport Zero Medusa 6" Torch


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Newport Zero Medusa 6" Torch Butane Lighter Wholesale Price


  • Easy and safe operation
  • Self-lighting piezo Ignition
  • Child proof safety lock system
  • Cordless, light weight design
  • Safety adjustable flame
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quick refill design
  • works at any angle
  • comfort grip handle
  • Butane Lighter Torch
  • Medusa Series
  • Soft and Jet Flame Switch
  • 360° Flame Safe
  • Newport Zero

The Newport Medusa Series is undoubtedly the most stylish torch lighter on the planet! It features a self-igniting piezo ignition and a safety-adjustable flame, making it very safe to operate. For added security, it includes a childproof safety lock system. The Medusa Series also boasts a quick refill system and the versatility to switch between soft and jet flames.