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Krave Kratom And Mushroom Capsules 100ct


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Krave Kratom And Mushroom Capsules 100ct


  • Capsules:
    • 100ct


  1. White Thai + Cordyceps Mushroom
  2. Trainwreck + Turkey Tail Mushroom
  3. Maeng Da + Lion’s Mane Mushroom
  4. Bali + Reishi Mushroom
  5. Green Malay + Shiitake Mushroom

Krave Kratom introduces a groundbreaking fusion of kratom and medicinal mushrooms in their latest product line. The Krave Kratom w/ Mushroom Capsules (100ct) offer five distinctive blends, each tailored to deliver specific benefits.

For a natural energy boost, the White Thai + Cordyceps Mushroom blend is an ideal choice. Cordyceps mushroom enhances stamina and vitality, complementing the energizing effects of White Thai kratom.

Promoting overall health, the Trainwreck + Turkey Tail Mushroom blend combines immune-boosting Turkey Tail mushroom with the balanced properties of Trainwreck kratom.

To stimulate cognitive function, the Maeng Da + Lion’s Mane Mushroom blend is formulated. Lion's Mane mushroom enhances memory and focus, complementing the mood-enhancing effects of Maeng Da kratom.

Ideal for relaxation, the Bali + Reishi Mushroom blend features stress-reducing Reishi mushroom paired with pain-relieving and relaxing Bali kratom.

Lastly, the Green Malay + Shiitake Mushroom blend combines Green Malay kratom's energizing effects with Shiitake mushroom's immune-boosting properties.