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Huni Badger Portable Concentrate Vaporizer


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Huni Badger Portable Concentrate Vaporizer


  • Battery Operated (18650 Lithium-Ion)
  • High Temp. and Low Temp. Tips
  • Ceramic Tube Heating Element
  • Complete Control of Your Vapor
  • 510 eGo Thread Adapter


  • Waterproof Hard Case
  • User’s Manual
  • Huni Badger Unit
  • High Temp HuniTip (installed)
  • Low Temp HuniTip
  • 510 eGo Adapter
  • 14mm Adapter
  • 3 x HuniPot Extract Containers (One stored in magnetic cap)
  • 3 x Pipe Cleaners
  • 2 x Replacement O-rings

The Huni Badger stands out as one of the most distinctive extract vaporizers on the market. Unlike conventional small vape pens, it's a handheld, portable vertical vaporizer. Resembling a dip and rip style vape, simply touch the heated tip to your favorite concentrate. With various tips available, including high and low temperature options, each offers a unique experience. Featuring an internal ceramic tube heating element, the Huni Badger heats up rapidly and automatically shuts off after 60 seconds of use.