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Huni Badger Ceramic Blaze Tip


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Huni Badger Ceramic Blaze Tip


  • Flameless lighter functionality
  • Patented embedded heating circuitry
  • Easy activation with five-click button
  • Versatile use for lighting cigars, cigarettes, and botanicals
  • Maximum flavor with high-grade ceramic
  • Eco-friendly and zero butane emission
  • Cost-effective alternative to disposable lighters
  • Package includes one Huni Badger Ceramic - Blaze Tip
  • Caution: Allow to cool down completely before handling or changing

Unveil the remarkable versatility of the Huni Badger Ceramic Blaze Tip and redefine your smoking journey. This groundbreaking heating attachment turns your Huni Badger into a flameless lighter, presenting numerous advantages and a cleaner, more refined taste.

Engineered with a patented design integrating heating circuitry within premium ceramic material, the Blaze Tip assures no heavy metals are involved, ensuring the utmost purity in flavor. Activating the heating cycle is as simple as clicking the button five times, and in mere seconds, the Blaze Tip illuminates in red, poised to deliver its unparalleled performance.

Here are just a few ways you can use your Blaze Tip to enhance your smoking sessions:

  1. Light cigars, cigarettes, and rolled botanicals: Say goodbye to traditional lighters and ignite your smokes with the Blaze Tip. Experience a cleaner and more flavorful ignition process.

  2. Replace a lighter to start a spark: The Blaze Tip eliminates the need for traditional lighters, providing a safer and more efficient way to start a spark.

  3. Enhance your bowl experience: Hover the Blaze Tip over your bowl without touching the material, and enjoy the purest taste and smoother hits.

Using the Blaze Tip comes with a multitude of benefits compared to traditional lighters:

  • Maximum Flavor: The embedded heating circuitry and ceramic construction ensure that you experience the true essence of your smokes without any unwanted flavors or contaminants.

  • Eco-Friendly: By utilizing the Blaze Tip, you contribute to a cleaner environment by reducing the use of disposable lighters that contribute to pollution.

  • Zero Butane Emission: Say goodbye to butane gas emissions and enjoy a more sustainable smoking experience.

  • Money Saver: With the Blaze Tip, you no longer need to purchase disposable lighters regularly, saving you money in the long run.

Included in the package is the Huni Badger Ceramic Blaze Tip, designed to elevate your smoking sessions with its flameless ignition feature. Please handle with care as the Blaze Tip may become hot during use. Allow it to cool down fully before handling or replacing.