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EXP XL Kratom Soft Gels


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New soft gel kratom capsules now contain an enhanced dosage of 30mg per 300mg, making them even more remarkable. These capsules are smaller, boast a nearly imperceptible aftertaste, and deliver rapid effects compared to traditional capsules.

What's contained within these capsules? Only the most concentrated form of kratom, thoughtfully blended from various strains and suspended in pure MCT oil to ensure quicker absorption and improved bioavailability.

Bioavailability, the measure of how effectively a substance is absorbed and utilized by the body, is a central consideration in the EXP manufacturing process. After years of comprehensive research into the diverse array of kratom varieties and their effects, EXP has meticulously formulated blends that provide faster-acting and longer-lasting results than standard kratom products. Kratom leaves contain over 40 biologically active compounds, known as bioactive alkaloids, which impact the body. EXP selects strains with the highest levels of mitragynine (MPI) and 7-Hydroxymitragynine, the alkaloids responsible for kratom's potent effects. Comes with 10 soft gels.