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Delta 10 Flower


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MASTER KUSH (I): Produces a subtle earthy and citrusy aroma with and earthy flavor. Promises a strong body high, but can also be a bit psychedelic.

GRAND DADDY PURPLE (I): Contains a delicious grape and berry aroma. This grape flavored strain delivers a potent effect on both mind and body.

JACK HERER (S): This popular earthy strain is great for an energy boost and helps your mind focus. Will have your head in the clouds with its piney flavor.

PINEAPPLE (S): Sweet-spicy and pineapple flavor mixed with and equally fruity aroma, guaranteed to have your creative juices flowing with an upbeat mood.

ICE CREAM CAKE (H): Exotic and potent with a piney vanilla flavor, is bound to give you the munchies. Promises to put your body at ease without putting it to bed.

SUNSET (H): Puts you in a mellow carefree state of mind, great pungent fruity smell with a sweet grape taste.
Ingredients: Farm Bill Compliant Hemp Flower with Hemp Derived Delta-10 Oil, Natural Terpenes, Botanical Terpenes, CBD Kief.