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Free Priority Shipping on Orders $149+
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DabTech HeyPipe


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Introducing DabTech portable HeyPipe – An innovative cannabis concentrate vaporizer that offers portability and unmatched performance. Taking advantage of your concentrates to their full potential is simple thanks to its simple, intuitive interface. Our primary motivation for developing the HeyPipe was to produce a base e-rig that makes no compromises in terms of quality but is incredibly affordable for everyone searching for the best tool in the huge world of cannabis concentrates.

Like no other rig on the market, the HeyPipe will be highly customizable. We started with an interchangeable bucket atomizer that is the industry standard and will keep offering higher-tier options like improved atomizers, SIC Buckets, various silicone colors, and borosilicate glass options.

  • High-Efficiency
  • Consistent Temperature Control
  • Preservation of Flavor Quality
  • 15-20 Heat Cycle Battery Life