Free Priority Shipping on Orders $149+
Free Priority Shipping on Orders $149+
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GIVE $20, GET $20

Give your friends $20 off on their first order (over $35) and get $20 for each successful referral. Use the link in the rewards launcher to invite your friends and get your unique discount codes.

Refer a friend

Start By Signing Up

On the bottom left hand side of our website, you’ll want to click on our “Earn $20” widget - on mobile, you'll find it on the bottom right hand corner. Once the launcher opens up, you’ll see a button that says “Join Today”, which should take you to our “Create An Account” page. This will be your customer account with our store that allows you to participate in our referral program as well as manage your orders and/or subscriptions.

Find & Send Your Referral Link

Once you’re signed up, you can open up the launcher again at the bottom left hand side of our website. When it pops open, scroll down until you see a section that says “Refer Your Friends”. Once there, copy the URL link above the “share” button so you can send it to a friend via text message, share it on Facebook, share it on Twitter, and/or email it directly to a friend.

Tag Your Friend In

Once you send your referral link to your friend, they’ll want to click on the link, which will take them to our site where a popup will appear and ask them for their email address. Let them know this will be the email address we’ll send the $20 OFF coupon to.

Reap Your Rewards

At this point, your bud will get an email with their own coupon code for $20 OFF their first order. Once they’ve made their purchase, you’ll get a similar email with your own $20 OFF coupon code.


Ready to get started? Click the “Earn $20” widget at the bottom left hand corner of our site to start referring friends today!

(On mobile, it's on the bottom right hand corner)


0 TT


850 TT

Time Traveler

1500 TT

Time Tokens earned

 $1 = 1 TT

$1 = 2 TT

$1 = 2 TT

Free sticker

Discount coupon (2% extra for subs)



Vote for new Limited flavor 

Birthday present

Secret reward