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Kula Can Kava Infused Seltzer


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Unwind and savor the Kula Can Seltzers, each boasting a plant-powered flavor profile. These 12oz caffeine-free, low to zero-calorie beverages with effervescence, carefully crafted with a blend of top-quality ingredients to ensure your ultimate relaxation and a laid-back experience. Not only do these drinks offer delightful tastes, but each flavor serves a distinct purpose. There are a total of five flavors, with four featuring kratom extract and one containing Kava. Kava is renowned for its ability to enhance well-being and reduce anxiety, while kratom is known for its pain-relieving and focus-improving properties, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed, and ready to face any challenge that comes your way. The creation of these flavors involved months of meticulous work, resulting in a genuine flavor masterpiece by Kula Can. Embark on a ceremonial journey with Kula Can and savor the experience!


Premium Seltzer Best enjoyed chilled for the ultimate chill vibes Consume slowly to gauge your tolerance Recommended daily consumption: one can Flavor: Sour Apple (Kava-infused)