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1 Gram Joint (75mg Delta 8)


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Delta 8 Joint Pre Roll Wholesale

Purple Punch: Launches you into a state of peace and calm. This delicious strain promises great sleep. 

Blue Cheese: The smell of berry and blue cheese create a unique creamy and cheesy taste. Mostly relaxing, helps with muscle pains, and stress.

Passion Fruit: Provides an epic sense of euphoria and perfect for an uplifting high, sweet citrus with an apple flavor.

Gelato 33: This fruity flavored strain offers an energetic high, It’s a great pick me up for a busy day.

Sour Space Candy: Has a great mix between relaxed and uplifted, has a citrusy flavor and aroma to it.

White Recluse: Amazing if you want a stress and anxiety free high and promises a blissful euphoric calm. Does have a citrusy skunk exhale with a spicy citrus overtone.
King Louis XII: The KING of Indicas has a piney smell mixed with an earthy musk reminiscent of a lush forest, that's calming for a sleep-happy feeling

Blueberry Yum Yum: Introduced by the rapper Ludacris, this strain gives off an uplifting and happy energy with an aroma of blueberries that is unmatched.

Gorilla Glue: Definitely euphoric and relaxing, this hybrid strain will keep you "glued" to your couch.
Ingredients: Industrial Grade Hemp, Industrial Grade Delta-8 Oil, Rice Paper Wrap, Botanical Terpenes.