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You Guide to Dosing with THC-A in 2023

You Guide to Dosing with THC-A in 2023

THC-A is the new big thing on the hemp market, primarily when it comes in the form of products that have to be decarboxylated (heated) to be enjoyed, like vapes, flower, and dabs.  That’s because when THC-A surpasses a threshold temperature, it converts into delta 9 THC – yes, the same active intoxicant in marijuana, that’s heavily restricted throughout the United States.  Because THC-A is legal, we can enjoy a delta 9 high without any limitations through these exciting products that are popping up all over the industry.

But, if you’re new to THC-A, you might not know how much you should be taking to enjoy its effects, while avoiding getting too high.  While you can’t overdose on THC-A, there’s always the chance of getting so high that you end up feeling more paranoid than chill.  Because of that, we want to go over everything you need to know about dosing with this ultra-popular cannabinoid.

What’s a Standard Dose for THC-A?

First off, let’s make it clear that this dosing guide is for products that do get decarboxylated, to turn that THC-A into delta 9 THC.  So, we’re dosing according to an intoxicating product, which means we need to be a bit more mindful of the amount we take, as being high can affect things like driving, working, and even socializing.

That being said, the dosage may be different depending on the product type.  Since the products that we’re talking about today are all products that are inhaled, we’re not going to go over milligram strengths, which apply more to oral products like gummies and tinctures.  That’s because trying to calculate the number of milligrams you get out of, say, smoking flower or dabbing is too difficult, as it’s more about the number of puffs we take, how long we inhale, and how deeply we inhale.

THC-A Vapes

With vapes, the same dosing rules apply to disposables and vape carts, because they work at the same output levels more or less, and the formula inside is the same.

Again, keeping in mind that THC-A vapes actually give you a delta 9 THC high, we recommend the following:

  • For Beginners: 1 puff (wait 15 minutes to decide if you want another one)
  • For Moderate Users: 2-4 puffs
  • For Experienced Users: 4+ puffs

THC-A Flower

THC-A flower is raw hemp flower infused with THC-A, again offering a delta 9 high.  Smoking the flower may act slightly more strongly than vaping the flower, but the effects are similar enough that the same rules apply.

  • For Beginners: 1 puff (wait 15 minutes to decide if you want another one)
  • For Moderate Users: 2-4 puffs
  • For Experienced Users: 4+ puffs

Now, if you’re baking or cooking with flower, that’s a different story.  This means that you’re ingesting delta 9, which produces a far long-lasting high.  It also means that you’ll have to divide the flower up into your recipe.  Because recipes differ so much from each other in terms of the amount that they yield by the portion, we suggest finding a recipe for edibles online, which will tell you how much flower to add so you don’t have to measure out the buds by the milligram yourself.

THC-A Dabs

Then, we have dabs, which are concentrates – aka highly concentrated products that are far more potent than the products above.  But surprisingly, the dosing guide doesn’t change that much.  That’s because if you’re dabbing THC-A, we assume that you’re already an experienced THC user who understands that the high will be much stronger.  So, if you’re at that point in your cannabis career, here’s the dosing guide for dabbing:

  • For Dabbing Beginners: 1 puff (wait 10 minutes to decide if you want another one)
  • For Moderate Users: 1-2 puffs
  • For Experienced Users: 2+ puffs

What Might Affect the Dosage for Me?

Now that we’ve offered a general guideline on dosing with THC-A, let’s talk about the factors that might influence how much you should take, that should be taken into consideration alongside the more straightforward guide above.

Your Tolerance

Your tolerance to THC-A is important, as you may find yourself really sensitive to the cannabinoid if you’re new to it.  This means that an appropriate dose for an experienced enthusiast could be far too much for you, getting you a lot more high than you were prepared for.

What You Want Out of THC-A

We all have a goal in mind when we consume a THC-A product.  Some of us want a gentle buzz to get us through the day, while others want to get super high and space out.  Of course, what you want is going to determine how much you’ll end up wanting to take.

Your Plans for the Day

Whatever it is that you have coming up in the next few hours can influence how much you want to take.  For instance, you shouldn’t drive while intoxicated, as it’s both illegal and dangerous, so you’ll need to take that into consideration.  Also, you may not necessarily want to be super high off of THC-A dabs when you’re going into a work meeting an hour later, for example.

The Strain

The strain can make a huge difference, surprisingly.  THC-A levels vary from one strain to the next, with some being much, much more potent than others.  And, the terpene profile of a strain can synergistically influence how strong the high is, so look up a strain ahead of time to get an idea of its potency.

Other Elyxr Products You’re Taking

If you’re taking another Elyxr product at the same time that’s also intoxicating, that may mean bringing down the amount of the THC-A product you take, so you’re not taking too high of a dose of THC cannabinoids all at once.


If you’re on a medication, you might want to take less than the recommended amount.  Some medications can boost the effects of THC-A, such as stimulants or benzodiazepines, both of which can synergistically alter your high.

With THC-A, Dosing Comes Down to You

When it comes to THC-A, there are some basic, standard guidelines regarding the proper amount to take.  But, as you can see, it’s really about taking into account all of the factors above to know the amount that’s right for you, personally.  We recommend experimenting with different dosage amounts, following the directions on the label and working your dosage up as tolerated with repeated use.  This way, you’ll never have to worry about taking so much at once that you’re a lot more high than you actually bargained for. 

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