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Why You Should Consider a THC-O Cart

Why You Should Consider a THC-O Cart

THC-O is the new craze within the cannabis industry, and with Elyxr’s upcoming THC-O cart you can have this life-changing substance with you at all times.

But what is THC-O, and why would you want to use it? Keep reading to learn more about it, and what it could do for you. 

What is THC-O?

THC-O, also known as THC-O Acetate, is the highly potent new kid on the block. This cannabinoid shows promise as a powerful option for both recreational and medical use. It is produced through a process called acetalization, which adds an acetate molecule to the main THC base. This added molecule causes THC-O to bind with your cannabinoid receptors more often, making this synthetic cannabinoid even more potent than its counterparts like Delta-9 and Delta-10. Additionally, THC-O is 300 percent stronger than regular THC, due to this Acetate molecule 

What Does THC-O Do?

Because everyone is different, the effects of THC-O will vary from person to person, however, THC-O typically provides a calm, relaxed feeling, and is a sedative experience. 

With all of the cannabinoids available on the market today, why should you choose THC-O? Here’s what sets it apart from the rest:

  • You get more bang for your buck- Because THC-O is so potent, you may find that you need to take in less of it to experience the same high that you would with other cannabinoids. In short, a little goes a long way. 
  • You may experience increased psychoactivity- THC-O is much more psychoactive than other cannabinoids, and some even call its effects nearly psychedelic. 
  • It works in ways regular THC can’t- Those who don’t experience pain or anxiety relief with regular THC may want to give THC-O a shot. Because it is technically a different drug than THC due to its added acetate molecule, THC-O binds to cannabinoid receptors in the brain more often. This means that THC-O may be able to stimulate cannabinoid receptors in the brain that regular TCH can’t.

Try Elyxr’s Revolutionary THC-O Carts

Due to the complexities of the acetalization process, THC-O has been historically hard to get, until now. With Elyxr’s new THC-O carts (releasing soon), you can have the benefits of this synthetic cannabinoid with you wherever you go. With a variety of smooth flavors, discreet packaging, and our commitment to providing you with the purest products, our THC-O carts are truly a game-changer. 



Ready to Try THC-O? Let Elyxr Help

The benefits of THC-O are undeniable, and the ease of a cart is unbeatable. When you’re ready to start reaping the benefits of a THC-O cart, turn to Elyxr. At Elyxr, all of our lab-tested extracts are made in the United States in an FDA-approved facility, so you can be assured that you are getting the best quality products. In addition to our upcoming THC-O vape carts, we also sell Delta-8 and Delta-10 carts, disposable vapes, gummies, flower, tinctures, and more. Shop our online store today for all the products to help you feel your best.
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