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Top 5 Mushroom Chocolate Bars

Top 5 Mushroom Chocolate Bars To Buy in 2024

Mushrooms have gained a bit of popularity lately, be it medicinal or psychedelic. Although such mushrooms have been used for centuries as medicines and for relaxation, they have now been elevated, and all of those amazing properties have been incorporated into the deliciousness of a chocolate bar.

A mushroom chocolate bar is a blend of traditional chocolate and medicinal mushroom extracts that are blended into a bar to enjoy all of its properties on the go. So, whether you are a health enthusiast looking for a delicious piece to add to your diet, a chocolate lover trying out new things, or just looking for some relaxation, this guide can provide an array of products for you to choose from and enjoy.

Top 5 Mushroom Chocolate Bars

This careful selection of top 5 mushroom chocolate bars will not only satisfy your cravings but will also provide you with relaxation, making them a perfect mix of decadence and wellness:

1. Polk a Dot x URB Mushroom Chocolate Bar

The Polk a Dot x URB Mushroom Chocolate Bar is a popular chocolate bar with a combination of nine different mushrooms blended into it, which come in sixteen different flavors. Each bar of 2.1oz contains a 10,000mg magic blend of mushrooms, which is divided into 20 pieces for each bar.

The blend of mushrooms offers wellness without any hassle. The Amanita Muscaria supports your cognitive function, while Reishi's adaptogenic properties can help your body cope with stress. The turkey tail magic mushrooms balance your blood sugar levels and also reduce fatigue.

The maitake mushrooms boost immunity, and Chaga is rich in antioxidants, which help modulate the immune system. They also have shitake mushrooms in them, which have high levels of vitamins B and D. Apart from this, they have king trumpet, cordyceps, and lion's mane, which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

They come in various flavors, which are equally delicious, be it the exotic and tropical Maui coconut twist or the warm, cinnamony, and creamy horchata.

2. Silly Farm’s Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

The Silly Farm’s Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar is filled with Amanita Muscaria extracts. This gives the chocolate bar a unique taste and provides you with a sensory experience. This extract brings a powerful essence to the soft texture of the chocolate.

This collection also offers various flavors like the nutty buttercup and the Japanese delicacy matcha heaven. There are other flavors for you to choose from, like cookies and magic, wavy wafer, strawberry milkshake, cinnimagic, and fruity tunes. This whole collection is said to represent sustainability by reflecting a commitment to quality and respect for the earth.

This chocolate bar is made with 100% pure cacao, cacao butter, coconut sugar, dry oat milk powder, vanilla powder, sea salt, and, of course, the Amanita Muscaria extracts. It is not only made with healthy ingredients, but they are also plant-based. So, it's best if you are looking for some vegan options.

3. Dozo Don't Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar

This Dozo Don't Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar is a blend of mushrooms and psychoactive elements for a much more indulgent experience. This 5100mg of chocolate richness includes ten pieces in each bar. This chocolate bar promises a unique experience with a burst of flavors and sensations.

It comes in only two flavors, cookies and cream and milk chocolate, but its flavor profile increases with the blend of mushrooms and Delta-9. It contains nano-activated muscimol and muscarine extracts. The Delta-9 THC from cannabis sativa holds the main psychoactive component and gives you hallucinogenic effects.

4. Exodus Amanita Chocolate Bar

The Exodus Amanita chocolate bar is another psychedelic bar with a blend of Amanita Muscaria. It comes in a 1500mg pack of active ingredients. Each bar has twelve chocolate pieces, which are extremely effective.

It comes in two different flavors: milk chocolate cookies and milk chocolate sprinkles. It contains 15mg of Delta-9 THC, which is the main element that causes the psychedelic effects due to its effect on the brain. That, mixed with kava, CBD, Lion's mane, and muscimol, creates that perfect psychoactive blend.

It contains semi-sweet chocolate and other natural ingredients that give it that delicious taste. It does not contain psilocybin. Thus, it has very positive effects, such as uplifting moods and euphoric feelings.

5. Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar

This microdose Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar is another popular choice among buyers. The psychedelic treat comes in fifteen squares per bar and is a magical mix of technology and brain-enhancing receptors. This 1.6oz chocolate bar is made of all-natural and handpicked elements.

The blend is made to activate all your brain receptors and promote cognitive functions by microdosing mushroom chocolate. It is formulated with high-quality liposomes, which, due to its size and properties, promise absorption and efficacy.

The chocolate bar uses two different kinds of mushrooms: lion's mane and rhodiola rosea. These, along with 5-HTP, nootropics, and other natural ingredients, create a psychedelic blend that optimizes brain functions and enhances focus, memory, creativity, and mood.

It comes in four amazing flavors, namely, churro milk, cookies and cream, fruity cereal, and chocolate milk.


These top-tier mushroom chocolate bars come in many different flavors and also provide health benefits. They are perfect if you need a cognitive boost, enhanced energy, or immune support. And if you just want a mix of relaxing psychedelic effects, these bars are a delicious way to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

But these listed ones are not the only flavors! There are many more options available at Elyxr. Unlike many other brands, it is a trusted website that provides 100% lab-tested products with excellent quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the active compound used in the chocolate bars for its effects?

Most of these mushroom chocolate bars contain Amanita, the active compound of which is muscimol. It is similar to psilocybin, which is mostly found in other mushrooms and is also illegal in most places.

Q2. Can we eat chocolate and mushrooms together?

Yes, you can definitely eat mushrooms with chocolates. In fact, mushrooms and chocolate are blended together to make the delicious mushroom chocolate bars. You can not only enjoy the taste of the delicate chocolate but also be able to attain the properties of the mushroom in one bite.

Q3. What are the best mushroom chocolate bars this year?

A few of the best chocolate bars this year are Polk a Dot x URB Mushroom Chocolate Bar, Silly Farm’s ’s Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar, Dozo Don't Trip Mushroom Chocolate Bar, Exodus Amanita Chocolate Bar, and Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar.

Q4. Are mushroom chocolate bars legal?

Yes, most mushroom chocolate bars are completely legal everywhere. Mushroom chocolate bars containing psilocybin can be illegal due to its psychoactive properties. Check your local laws before buying or selling mushroom chocolate bars.

Q5. How long do mushroom chocolate bars last?

Mushroom chocolate bars typically have a long shelf life ranging from a few months up to a year. Although every chocolate bar has its own expiration date and set of instructions, make sure to check it.

Q6. Where to buy mushroom chocolate bars?

It is crucial to buy consumables like mushroom chocolate bars from a trusted and reputable website like Elyxr. They provide the highest quality mushroom chocolate bars, which are tested in a third-party lab. They also have different types that suit every individual, and they come in various flavors.

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