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THC Detox: Tips to Get Weed Out of Your System

THC Detox: Tips to Get Weed Out of Your System

If you’re taking a T-break or preparing for an upcoming drug test it’s time to flush the weed out of your system. Let’s go over some tips, tricks, and myths for an effective detox. 

When Can I Pass a Drug Test?

One of the most common reasons marijuana users want to detox is in preparation for an upcoming drug test. Drug tests can seem very daunting, especially for heavy marijuana users. If you have an impending drug test you may be wondering when exactly you’ll have to begin your T-break in order to test negative, but unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

Drug tests test for weed and the by-products of weed that are left behind after it has left your system called metabolites. The time it takes for weed to leave your system varies from person to person as your physical makeup can affect the way your body creates and breaks down metabolites. Marijuana users can test positive on a drug test anywhere from one to 30 days after the last time they consumed THC. Additionally, different types of drug tests will yield different results.

Urine drug screenings are the most commonly administered drug tests. Here’s what you can expect with a urine test:  

  • Occasional marijuana users- Those who use marijuana up to three times a week can typically pass a drug test three days after their last use. 
  • Moderate THC users- Those who consume marijuana five to seven times a week can take five to seven days for a negative drug test. 
  • Daily users- For those who consume marijuana once daily it can take up to 15 days before a negative urine test is possible. 
  • Multiple uses a day- For those who use THC multiple times a day, it can take up to 30 days to pass a urine drug screening. 

With a blood drug test marijuana is detectable almost immediately after use, and can be detected for up to 25 days after use. Marijuana metabolites are present in saliva for one to three days in occasional users, and up to 29 days in chronic users.

A hair follicle test can assess a person’s drug use from the past 90 days via the trace amounts of drugs left behind in hair. 

There is no way to know whether or not you will pass a drug test until you take one, because of all of the different factors at play that determine how quickly your body will detox from THC. 

THC Detox Myths 

There is a lot of information circulating online about how to detox quickly, but unfortunately, not all of it is true. 

Some of the most common myths about THC detox involve quick fixes. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Many internet users suggest drinking herbal teas, cranberry juice, or even vinegar to get THC out of your system in a pinch, but detoxing your system takes time. While these tricks could work, if you are going to take a drug test it’s much better to take a T-break and know that your test will be negative, rather than take a risk by depending on a solution that may or may not be effective. 

Remember to use your common sense and do your research before participating in any experimental THC detox methods. 

Detoxing From Weed 

The most effective way to detox from weed is to take a T-break where you abstain from marijuana completely. While this can be difficult for some users, it is by far the most surefire way to get THC out of your system, and get a negative result on a drug test. If quitting cold-turkey for a period of time is not an option for you, consider scaling back your intake until you are at a point where you feel comfortable abstaining completely. 

Because metabolites are stored in the body’s fat cells, exercise is actually a very effective tool during the detox process. Not only will it help to improve your mood and ease withdrawal symptoms you may feel, it also can help to burn fat and speed up the detox process. 

Drinking water can help to flush toxins out of the body, so be sure to stay hydrated during the detoxification process. 

Eating unhealthy foods can slow down your body’s metabolism which can inhibit the detox process. While you are trying to get the metabolites out of your system, be sure to eat a healthy diet that will keep your metabolism high and also help to keep you strong and healthy. 


As with any substance, it is possible that you will experience withdrawal while detoxing from THC. Withdrawal happens when your body becomes accustomed to the presence of a certain substance. Your brain will begin to work around this substance, and expect the substance to be present. When the substance is no longer present, your body will be thrown out of whack as your brain attempts to re-regulate your system again, resulting in withdrawal symptoms. 

So, will you experience withdrawal when detoxing from THC? This will vary from person-to-person, depending on a variety of factors including your genetic makeup (how much body fat you have, your metabolic rate, etc.), how frequently you ingest marijuana, and how much marijuana you have consumed. Some commonly reported withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches 
  • Lack of appetite
  • Anxiety
  • irritability

To help ease your withdrawal symptoms it is important to eat nutritious foods and get plenty of sleep and water. 

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