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NOVA Dry Herb Pen

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Hemp flower is still a big seller on the market, especially when it’s infused with psychoactive cannabinoids like delta 8, THCA (pre-delta 9), HHC, and the like. And, while smoking flower remains incredibly popular as the method of choice, more and more people are starting to vape it to enjoy a more discreet, minimal-effort, and travel-friendly way to toke throughout the day.

But, if you’re gonna be vaping hemp flower, you can’t just use any old vaporizer. Dry herb vaporizers are a necessity, since they actually vaporize the compounds in the flower properly as opposed to burning them or getting clogged up with bits of nugs. Today, we’re going to talk about the NOVA Dry Herb Pen, available at ELYXR, since it’s one of the latest dry herb vaporizers to make a big splash on the market.

The Basics

The NOVA is a dry herb vaporizer device that offers a pocket-friendly design, since we all could use a more travel-friendly way to enjoy our favorite buds. It features a built-in 1000mAh battery, charged rapidly through a type-C port, and provides roughly 250 puffs per charge. It’s a high-temperature vaporizer that uses a glazed ceramic chamber, and simply heats the flower in the chamber via a dual plasma arc lighter.

The Construction

Let’s face it – not all dry herb vaporizers are created equally. A lot of them are, unfortunately, made from cheap materials that break easily, or stop working at some point. And, that means a lot of wasted money.

The NOVA is a bit on the pricy side for a reason. One of those reasons is that it’s incredibly durable, so that it can last. This isn’t a vaporizer pen that’s going to have to get replaced frequently, but rather a piece you’ll likely have in your collection for a long time to come. It’s made entirely of stainless steel, while so many alternative pens contain plastic components that start to wear down. Of course, stainless steel is resistant to drops and falls, as well as heat. But, that doesn’t mean you want to be too careless either, since it's always possible to damage the actual chipset inside the device if you drop it too hard.

In general, it’s very portable, thanks to its slim and compact cylindrical design. We had no problem storing it in our pockets throughout the day, which just adds to its convenience.

The Technology

The NOVA really excels in the hardware industry because all of the tech is on point. You can tell that a lot of work went into developing this product, to offer the best dry herb pen the brand could come up with. The heating method is a plasma arc lighter that’s built into the chamber, which is a flameless heat source that creates an arc of plasma rather than actual fire, to offer direct heat without burning the herb. This is a big deal, since up until now, dry herb vaporizers used other heating methods like convection to produce vapor. The use of a plasma arc provides a different style of heating that can deliver better flavor and bigger clouds, by increasing the overall surface heating area.

So, what else does this pen have in store? The chamber itself is pretty special too, using glazed ceramic material to also improve the surface heating area, while ensuring a clean flavor with each vape cloud. And, it features a water bubbler attachment, since so many tokers love the smooth, cool hits you can get from a bubbler. The entire device operates using a single button, and activating different settings comes from clicking the button the proper number of times.

What It Comes with

The NOVA comes with lots of accessories so that you have just about everything you need to get started. We do want to point out that on their website, ELYXR offers bundles, which give you this dry herb pen and the brand’s flower together at a discounted price.

So, what is included?

  • Water bubbler attachment
  • 2 smell-proof pod containers (holding 3 pods per container)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Loading/stirring tool
  • Replacement mouthpiece spring
  • Replacement silicon pod cap
  • User manual
  • Type-C charging cable
  • Warranty card
  • Travel bag 

Basically, all that’s missing is your flower and a grinder. Otherwise, you’re good to go with all that this vape pen provides.

The Experience

So, what’s it like actually using the NOVA? We had the pleasure of trying it out for ourselves, and spoiler alert: it very much lives up to the hype.

We used it with ELYXR’s THC-P flower (in Bubba Kush for those who are wondering), and from the get-go, we were surprised by how intuitive using it is given how advanced it is. Taking it apart to access the chamber was a piece of cake, as was charging it and turning it on using the single button.

We ground up the THC-P flower buds and put them in the chamber, and each took a couple of hits. The first thing that was apparent was the flavor, which shows us that the use of glazed ceramic material combined with the plasma arc lighter heating system really does do a lot to bring out the most amazing terpene taste. Bubba Kush is an iconic strain known for its unique flavor of coffee, spices, and chocolate, and so we were super happy to be able to taste that flavor like never before, being richer, cleaner, and more complex than what we’re used to.

As for the performance, it delivers. The clouds are nice and full, and each hit is super potent – if you have a low tolerance, keep that in mind.

NOVA Dry Herb Pen: Heating Up The Hemp Vaping Industry Like Never Before Seen!

Ultimately, the NOVA is an amazing little device for any dry herb fan, offering a whole new way to feel deeply satisfied while savoring your favorite bud. It’s easy to use, but it’s also unbelievably advanced in terms of its technology and construction, to give you everything you could want out of a dry herb vaporizing session. We can’t recommend it enough, and you can go ahead and buy it right here at ELYXR.

I've tried a few different dry herb pens, and the NOVA is hands down the best. It's incredibly easy to use, heats up quickly, and the flavor it delivers is exceptional. Plus, the sleek design is a bonus. I highly recommend it!

- Tyler M.

I'm new to dry herb vaping, and the NOVA has made the transition incredibly smooth. It's user-friendly and doesn't require a lot of technical know-how. The vapor quality is top-notch, and I appreciate the temperature control options. It's become my daily go-to.

- Sophia R.

I've had my NOVA for a few months now, and I'm still impressed. The battery life is fantastic, and it's saved me so much money on herbs compared to traditional smoking. It's a solid investment for anyone looking to switch to vaping.

- Nathan B.

NOVA Dry Herb Pen

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