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Nestle Shark Wafer Bites

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ELYXR is regarded as one of the top hemp brands in the country, especially when it comes to hemp products that provide a powerful high, and their catalog continues to grow as they develop more and more cannabinoid-infused formulas. But there’s a new category on our website that doesn’t actually contain any hemp derivatives whatsoever: Exotic Snacks, offering up an enticing array of tasty, munchie-friendly snacks curated from all over the world that act as the ultimate munchies for when your favorite cannabinoids kick in.

As a lot of people know, some of the most popular snack brands in the United States produce products overseas as well, with flavor choices that appeal to international palates. Take Nestle, with their Shark Wafer Bites that’re made for the Chinese snack market, offering a trio of flavor options that you just won’t find over here in the US. We got to review these Shark Wafer Bites for ourselves, so let’s dive in – no pun intended.

Rich Basics

Nestle’s Shark Wafer Bites are small, bite-sized wafer biscuits layered with fillings, and they come in a resealable bag. This snack doesn’t exist in America, but it’s extremely popular in China. Plus, it can be picked up in these flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • Cheese
  • Milk

How It’s Packaged

We always love seeing imported snack packaging, especially when it’s a product that comes from a brand we recognize. The Nestle logo alongside a totally different aesthetic offers a novelty factor that instantly draws you in. The bright colors are definitely fun to look at, adding to the appeal of the product overall.

Just keep in mind is that none of the writing on these bags is in English, other than “Nestle” – after all, these products are made for the Chinese market. So, unless you happen to know how to read Chinese, you’ll have a hard time understanding the information on the bag, like the ingredients list.

Awesome Flavors

Naturally, we had to try all 3 flavors, because they’re so unique from one another that we couldn’t resist.

  • The Chocolate flavor is, as you may have imagined, super rich and creamy. It sorta reminds us of a KitKat Bar, and there’s nothing particularly “exotic” about it, but it’s a fantastic choice if you have a sweet tooth.
  • The Cheese flavor has something of a sharpness to it, like cheddar. It’s a super savory option for anyone who craves cheesy snacks when they’re nice and high.
  • The Milk flavor was the most unique, since it has a sweet milky taste, which is extremely creamy and surprisingly light at the same time, without being too sweet.

You Gotta Sink Your Teeth Into These Nestle’s Shark Wafer Bites!

Overall, if you’re not exploring the exotic snacks at ELYXR, your munchies game is lacking. No bigger boat needed, these Nestle Shark Wafer Bites are outstanding for anyone who’s high or otherwise craving something crunchy and tasty, with both sweet and savory options to appeal to just about anyone. And, since Nestle Wafers feature crunchy n’ sweet wafer cookies sandwiched with cream filling and then more layers of wafer cookies, you simply won’t be able to resist chomping into one.

Nestle Shark Wafer Bites are a delightful surprise! The shark-shaped wafers are not only adorable but also incredibly tasty. The crunchy texture and sweet filling make these bites a perfect snack for both kids and adults. My family can't get enough of them!

- Mason H.

These Shark Wafer Bites are pure fun! I enjoy them as an afternoon snack with my cup of tea. The wafers have a satisfying crunch, and the creamy filling is just the right amount of sweetness. The shark shapes bring a playful touch to snack time.

- Aiden M.

Nestle Shark Wafer Bites are a snack that never fails to make me smile. The ocean-themed shapes are adorable, and the taste is equally delightful. They're a must-have for pool parties or any aquatic-themed events.

- Olivia S.

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