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Nestle KitKat Mini Bag Review

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ELYXR has established itself as one of the very best sources for hemp products – particularly hemp products that deliver a dreamy, powerful high – and their catalog continues to grow as they develop more and more sublime formulas. But there’s a new category on their website that doesn’t contain cannabis at all – their exotic snacks, which provide us with an exciting array of tasty, munchie-friendly snacks curated from all over the world that act as the ultimate munchies for when your favorite cannabinoids kick in.

If you’re all about chocolate when you’re feeling totally blissed out on your favorite cannabinoids, look no further – this Nestle KitKat Mini Bag is a fresh take on a classic flavor we already know that we adore. Infused with totally off-kilter flavors, and imported from the Asian candy market, it’s an absolute must-try, and we’re going to dive deep into this product today.

Rich Basics

Nestle KitKat Bars are nothing new to us – but don’t sleep on the super innovative flavors coming out of Asian countries, especially if you’re someone who likes to introduce your palate to new taste combos. Each bag contains miniature KitKat Bars, with 12 total per bag, and come in the following flavors:

  • Banana Caramel
  • Cheesecake

How It’s Packaged

We always love seeing imported snack packaging, especially when it’s a product that comes from a brand we recognize. The KitKat logo alongside a totally different typeface offers a novelty factor that’s sort of irresistible. The bright colors are definitely fun to look at, adding to the appeal of the product overall.

Now, one thing you do need to keep in mind is that not all of the writing on these bags is in English – after all, these are imported from overseas. So, unless you happen to know the language of the country that your particular flavor comes from, you’ll have a hard time understanding all of the information on the bag, like the ingredients list.

Awesome Flavors

We couldn’t help but try both flavors – after all, who wouldn’t? Both flavors give you that classic KitKat taste of rich milk chocolate and vanilla-infused wafer candies. But, the flavor profiles are one-of-kind.

  • Banana Caramel is every bit as decadent as it sounds. Yes, the banana is a more candy-like banana than a real banana. But it blends with the rich and gooey caramel like a dream, and it’s a totally addictive flavor combo that we highly recommend.
  • Then came Cheesecake, which is outstanding. It’s like real cheesecake was piped into each bar, with that signature texture that we all crave. Deeply creamy and flavorful, it’s an obvious winner.

Need a “Break” with a New KitKat Bar?

When the munchies hit, a lot of us reach for something chocolaty, and full of texture. And, these KitKat flavors do just that, while introducing totally new flavor profiles to our awareness. Instead of going for the same old chocolate treats at the bodega or market over and over again, consider grabbing these, and more exotic snacks over at ELYXR, where you can also pick up your favorite cannabinoid-infused products for a super fun and delicious time.

The Nestle KitKat Mini Bag is a lifesaver when I need a quick snack during a busy day. The smaller, bite-sized KitKats are just as delicious as the regular-sized ones. Plus, the resealable bag keeps them fresh, so I can enjoy them whenever I want. Highly recommended for chocolate lovers!

- Liam T.

These mini KitKats are a hit with my kids. They're the perfect size for little hands, and the resealable bag means I can pack them in their lunchboxes without worrying about mess. It's become a household favorite!

- Ethan M.

I can't resist the Nestle KitKat Mini Bag! The bite-sized pieces are dangerously addictive. I keep a bag in my desk drawer at work for those afternoon cravings. The portion control is great, and they satisfy my sweet tooth.

- Ava S.

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