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Roaodtrip Gummies

Everything You Should Know About Road Trip Gummies

Mushroom gummies are the latest trend in wellness and psychedelics. These are not only delicious but also convenient, easy-to-consume treats. It is also perfect for those seeking natural health boosts or transformative experiences.

Now, with the growing popularity, there are multiple mushroom gummy brands available in the market. And, Road Trip is a brand that has lately been in the spotlight for an innovative product line of these mushroom gummies.

What's unique about them is their potent and pure magic mushroom gummies with no harmful compound in it. If you are also planning to try these fantastic gummies, then this article is for you. It will provide you with everything you need to know about Road Trip Gummies. So, stay tuned till the end to know where you can buy them from!

What is Road Trip Gummies?

Road Trip Gummies are handcrafted by infusing magic mushrooms into other natural ingredients. It does not contain any harmful content or ibotenic but uses a blend of tryptamines, nootropics, and adaptogens to mimic the effects. These are preferred since their effects are not only controlled and predictable but also have lower risks of side effects.

These gummies do not have any hemp/cannabis or related products in them either. One of the main compounds for its psychedelic effects is muscimol, which is found in Amanita mushrooms. Although Road Trip gummies come in many different flavors, and while few of them contain muscimol, others have similar psychoactive compounds in them.

How Road Trip Gummies Make You Feel?

Road Trip gummies are psychoactive mushroom gummies, with each pack containing 4 grams of equivalent effects to dry caps(capsules). Each gummy is equivalent to 500mg of P. Cubensis mushrooms, also called magic mushrooms.

These gummies can have different effects depending on the type you choose. The effects of each type are listed below:

  • Road Trip Amanita muscaria: The Amanita gummies are known for their sedative and dissociative effects. They can put you in a dreamy or delirious state of consciousness. It will affect your visual perception and give you a sense of time dilation. Its 10x Nano Extract makes it one of the strongest single-serve mushroom gummies available.
  • Road Trip Desert Stardust: These gummies can give you altered perceptions and vivid visuals and create changes in your thought patterns. It frequently induces euphoric feelings and self-introspection by providing a more profound sense of connection with your surroundings and inner self.
  • Day Trip by Road Trip( Carpe Diem Blend): These microdosed gummies enhance focus and clarity. It has energy-providing properties and also helps with stress management. It eliminates tiredness, which makes it a perfect morning snack.

Are Road Trip Gummies Legal?

All microdosed Road Trip Gummies are legal in all 50 states and US Territories, whereas the Amanita gummies are legal only in 49 States excluding Louisiana, where it is illegal to grow, sell, or possess Amanita Muscaria or any products including it.

Are Road Trip Gummies Safe?

Road Trip Gummies are of excellent quality and provide transparency for customers to be sure of. They are not only safe but also vegan and gluten-free, which is why anyone can consume them without being worried about their health or other personal choices.

Additionally, Road Trip Gummies also do not contain any hemp/cannabis or related compounds, which can guarantee authenticity in your experience of consuming these mushroom gummies.

However, using serotonin-regulating medications like SSRIs(Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) with these gummies can cause serotonin syndrome. These medications are made to balance serotonin levels in the body and stabilize mood. Introducing serotonin externally, such as through Road Trip gummies, may disrupt this balance and increase the risk of interactions.

Any kind of medication which is designed to stabilize mood, including Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs), Serotonin-norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitors (SNRIs), and Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCAs), can all have similar effects if used with Road Trip Gummies.

Where to buy Road Trip Gummies?

With the rise of mushroom gummies in the market, every other brand and product seems to have a copy out there. To ensure getting safe and legitimate products, you should only look for them on trusted websites, such as Elyxr.

Elyxr provides over 2000+ products, including three types of road trip products and multiple flavor options. They provide the highest quality products that have undergone third-party testing in a licensed lab and have exceptional customer service.

They have delivered over 60k products, meeting the unique needs and preferences of the customers. They indeed meet customer satisfaction standards since they have over 4k five-star reviews. Additionally, they provide same-day shipping in all states depending on the product and its legality in that particular state.


The Road Trip Magic Mushroom Gummies are more than just some edibles. It is a splash of flavors in your mouth which can accelerate your health and wellness. It comes in a variety of tropical flavors, such as green apple, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry, and much more.

It is an authentic product that has been popular amongst all mushroom lovers. If you're looking to enhance your daily life by mixing both health and pleasure into it, you must give Road Trip Gummies a try. It can subtly change your mood after a long day at work and uplift it in just one trip.

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