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Disposable Vape

How to Unclog a Disposable

Nothing can put a damper on things quite like a clogged disposable vape. Let’s discuss why disposables get clogged so frequently, and how to unclog your vape next time this happens to you. 

Why do Vapes Get Clogged? 

First, let’s go over why vape carts get clogged so frequently. This is mostly because pure hemp extract is made up of thick oil, making the liquid inside so thick and viscous that it can jam up or crystallize, clogging the vape. Vape oil formulators can try to thin out the oil by mixing in additives such as MCT oil, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or terpenes.

Typically, thicker oil means that it’s higher in potency. The trade-off with thicker oil is that it can sometimes be more prone to clogging. Adding terpenes can help to thin out the oil and add flavor, but too much will give a harsh vapor that is not pleasant on the throat and lungs. It’s also important to remember that terpenes are part of what generates the ‘entourage effect’, and contribute to the psychoactive feeling (i.e., indica vs sativa).  Formulators work to find the right balance of flavor, feeling, smoothness, and viscosity (to reduce clogging) for the best experience possible. 

It’s important to make sure that you only buy vape cartridges from high-quality sources. In late 2019 a common "thinner" used in black market vape cartridges known as vitamin E acetate was linked to the vaping lung illness outbreak. Cartridge ‘fillers’ that dilute the cannabinoids and reduce potency are also common on the black market. Always make sure that your cannabis products of choice have certificates of analysis (COAs) showing that your products are what you think they are, and that they are safe to consume. 

How to Unclog a Disposable Vape

When you have a clogged disposable vape, the first thing to try is simple, and works surprisingly often. Instead of inhaling using your lungs like you normally would, try using just your mouth to generate increased sucking in pressure on the mouthpiece. If this works, you can continue inhaling as usual. If not, try some of the steps below.

 Before you attempt to unclog a disposable vape, make sure to put on gloves and have napkins or paper towels nearby, as vape juice can be very sticky. 

  • Start by taking the cap off of your disposable vape, and gently inserting a small tool like a paper clip through the mouthpiece’s center hole. 
  • Cautiously push the tool into the vape until you reach the bottom, about one inch deep. 
  • Rotate the tool and pull it up to dislodge the oil in the cart post. 
  • Repeat the last two steps two to three times.
  • After you’ve cleaned out your disposable, blow through the charging port until there is adequate airflow through the vape.

If the previous method didn’t work for you, carefully try adding heat. Heating up your vape will heat the liquid inside, helping to break up any crystallization or clogs that may have formed. 

Here are a couple of methods to try:

  • Place the vape in a warm part of your home, like next to a radiator.
  • Hold the cartridge in your hands for about 5 minutes 
  • Use a blowdryer about a foot away from your disposable for a short period of time to heat the vape. Start off slowly by waving the blow dryer back and forth across the pen, then apply heat more directly as needed. If you really want to speed this method up, place the disposable in a cup, then direct the heat into the cup.
  • If you don’t have a blow dryer, try putting your vape in an airtight plastic bag and then submerging the bag in warm water. Be careful to not let water enter the bag and get on your vape pen. 

Whichever method you use to heat your vape, it’s best to start low and go slow to avoid damaging it. 


Tips For Avoiding a Clogged Disposable

Ultimately, the best way to avoid a clogged disposable is to choose a vape from a retailer that makes high-quality products. A quality disposable will be made of the best materials that will allow for proper airflow and stay at the top of its game until it's time for a new one. High quality formulations, optimized for a balanced experience and just the right viscosity will also help.   

In addition to choosing a quality product, here are our best tips for avoiding a clogged disposable:  

  • Keep the battery charged (if your battery is not disposable).
  • Store the disposable upright whenever possible (and never store upside down).
  • Avoid keeping your disposable in your pockets.
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight (especially for extended periods of time) .
  • Avoid keeping your vape in your car to avoid temperature fluctuations. 
  • Keep your vape in a warm area, cold helps to thicken and crystallize the vape liquid.
  • Use your vape often! Cloggs can often come as a result of inactivity, so even just taking a quick hit a few times a week will help keep the good times flowing (literally).   

What Sets Our Disposables Apart

At Elyxr, we’ve put the time and work into making our disposable vapes some of the best on the market today. Each of our vapes comes with a one mL tank and a fully charged 280mAh battery built-in. You can choose between Delta 8, Delta 10, or THC-A to find the perfect cannabinoid and strain to fit your needs. Additionally, we have so many delicious flavors with top-of-the-line terpene profiles, that you’re sure to find one you’ll love. 

Trust Elyxr For All Your Cannabis Needs 

If you’d like to try the latest trend in hemp from a company you can trust, stick with Elyxr. What sets Elyxr apart from the rest, is that our lab-tested extracts are grown and processed in the United States in an FDA-approved facility, so you don’t have to worry about where your cannabis products come from, or what’s in them. We create high-quality delta-8, delta-10, CBN, and CBD products, so you know you’re getting the good stuff regardless of which cannabinoid you choose. Shop our online store today for moonrocks, carts, edibles, tinctures, flower, and more. 


What causes a disposable vape to clog?

Disposable vapes can clog due to condensation or residue build-up in the air path or mouthpiece. This is often caused by leftover vapor that cools and condenses inside the device after use.

How can I tell if my disposable vape is clogged?

A clogged disposable vape usually has a restricted airflow which makes it hard to draw. You might also hear a gurgling sound or experience less vapor production when you try to use it.

What are some quick fixes to unclog a disposable vape?

  • Inhale without powering the device: Try to draw air through the vape without activating the heating element. This can sometimes clear minor blockages.
  • Tap the device: Gently tap the device against your hand with the mouthpiece facing downward to help dislodge any condensation build-up.

Are there any tools I can use to unclog my vape?

You can use a small pin or needle to gently poke through the airflow holes of the device. Be careful not to damage the internal components.

Can heat help in unclogging a disposable vape?

Yes, gently warming the device with a hairdryer can help reduce the viscosity of the residue, allowing it to clear more easily. Do not overheat the device as it can damage the battery or other components.

Is it safe to blow into the mouthpiece to unclog a vape?

While blowing into the mouthpiece can sometimes force out a blockage, it can also push liquid further into the device, which might worsen the clog or damage the device. Use this method with caution.

What should I avoid doing while trying to unclog my vape?

Avoid using excessive force, inserting sharp objects too deeply, or using water or other liquids to clean the device, as these actions can cause permanent damage.

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grace - March 30, 2024

Purchased the liquid badder disposable a while back and idk if it’s something to do with the badder or the type of disposable but all 3 badder disposables do not hit. not sure if it’s clogged or what but pretty frustrating tried warming it and everything.

Chelsi - March 6, 2024

I bought my disposable in early January 2024, quit working halfway 1 week into use. Been doing everything I can to get it to hit (still not hitting March 2024). Never will I buy from this brand again. Thanks for taking my 70 bucks for a complete wasted product. And of course local shops don’t take your crap product back after 24 hours even with receipt.

Erin - March 6, 2024

Again just like above, I followed the video instructions and primed/warmed it and no matter what I did it wouldn’t hit. Complete waste of money and highly dissatisfied.

Carla Garman - February 29, 2024

I purchased a disposable vape from xlyxr a while back. It became clogged. Apparently it got damaged from my efforts to unclog it. I damaged it. Elyxr is not at fault. I just need to know how to avoid permanent damage next time a disposable vape becomes clogged. I love your products. I would gladly order and pay for a new one. I just don’t have the funds currently to buy one. Please suggest how I can avoid damaging a disposable vape next time it gets clogged. Thank you for your exceptional products and future recommendations on how to avoid damaging my disposables in the future.

gi - January 23, 2024

paid a pretty penny for a 2g elyxr liquid badder disposable and despite being full charged, despite constantly being warned by my hands, it does not hit and when it manages to get anything out tastes burnt. will never purchase again

Lawrie - January 18, 2024

I made purchases with several products but last time I “tried” 3 premade disposables. I have contacted you SEVERAL times. You never sent me a label to return since they don’t work! Brand new sitting there and my money down the tube. Terrible customer service. You have lost my business.

Lacy - December 12, 2023

Loved the high but like above stopped working halfway through and customer service was shit

Chris - December 5, 2023

My vape stopped working when the oil got about half way gone. Sometimes it doesn’t blow any smoke and other times it barely blows smoke. I will never purchase one of your vapes again and this was my first one of your brand.

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