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Hemp Storage: How to Keep Your Flower Lasting Longer

Hemp Storage: How to Keep Your Flower Lasting Longer

Did you know that hemp flower offers a highly bioavailable way to enjoy your favorite hemp cannabinoids and terpenes without any kind of processing or added ingredients of any kind?  Well, now you do.  You see, the raw buds of the hemp plant, whether or not infused with psychoactive cannabinoid distillates, make us feel like we’re experiencing the plant as nature intended.  But, one thing that we need to be mindful of when choosing flower is that because it’s fresh and raw, it needs to be stored properly so that it doesn’t end up expiring before we’re done enjoying it.

The Question on Everyone’s Mind: Does Hemp Flower Expire?

“Yes”, sort of, flower does expire, but not in the way that you may imagine.  When we hear the word “expire”, we tend to think of something in the fridge going bad, and thus, becoming harmful to eat or drink.  Flower doesn’t go bad in this way, but what does occur is that the property-rich chemical compounds break down eventually, and this causes them to lose all effectiveness, not to mention flavor.  Generally, flower is good for about 6 months, give or take.  After that, it quickly becomes useless.  However, if you don’t store your flower properly, then it can expire at a quicker rate than that.

What are Some Indicators That Your Hemp Flower Has Not Been Properly Stored?

Knowing exactly how and why your hemp flower might have gone bad is important in order to try to remedy the problem.

Indicator #1: Loss of Color

If your hemp flower has lost color or has patches of dark discoloration surrounded by fuzzy white outlines, then it’s highly probable that it has not been properly stored and isn’t safe to use.  Not only is the effectiveness and potency possibly compromised, but it might contain mold and/or mildew that can be harmful.

Indicator #2: Its Scent Has Changed

If your hemp flower has all of a sudden developed an unappealing or unique scent, it has most likely not been stored properly.  This is frequently caused by excess moisture, hence leading to the development of mold and/or mildew.  So, you need to steer clear of attempting to still consume it.

Indicator #3: You Can See That Mold or Mildew

This goes without saying that if you do see mold and/or mildew, like we mentioned earlier, discord the hemp flower immediately.  Simple as that.

Indicator #4: Coating of Terpenes on Storage Containers

If you notice there’s a coating of trichomes (oils in the flower that maintain the cannabinoid’s effectiveness and potency) on the inside of the storage container, you could be improperly storing your hemp flower.

What Can You Do Then to Keep Your Hemp Flower Fresh?

Loose flower buds are a bit more finicky because those buds are a lot fresher than hemp extract, which has been processed in a way that keeps the compounds stable for longer.  Still, these storage tips should pretty much guarantee that your flower lasts for several months while promising a fresh flavor and the potency level you want.

Hemp Flower Freshness Tip #1: Avoid Heat

When we say avoid heat, we don’t necessarily mean from the dry herb vaporizer that heats the loose hemp flower buds at a certain temperature without burning it.  We’re referring to the natural elements of outside here.  Exposure to heat quickly leads to compound destabilization, which is why you want to keep your hemp flower cool at all times (if not vaping or smoking it). 

Also, there’s no need to put your flower in the refrigerator, but make sure it remains at room temperature or just slightly below at all times.  Keep flower away from heating vents, windows that get a good deal of sun, and rooms in the house that are prone to getting particularly hot in the summer.

Hemp Flower Freshness Tip #2: Stay Away from Humidity

Humidity, like heat, will destabilize the compounds in your hemp flower pretty quickly, causing them to lose both their potency and their freshness.  Humidity is always bad for organic compounds, but with flower, there’s an even bigger potential issue since too much moisture can lead to mold, which is actually dangerous.  Find a dry area of your house rather than keeping your flower in, say, the bathroom, where the use of the shower causes a lot of moisture to build up throughout the day.

One thing to point out is that hemp flower can also get too dry, and you will know if it does get to that point, just by the texture of the buds.  If this happens, stick a lettuce leaf or a damp paper towel into the container holding your flower, as the buds will absorb the amount of moisture that they need.

Hemp Flower Freshness Tip #3: Store in a Dark Place

The other element that can damage your hemp flower is light.  Exposure to bright light causes the compounds to oxidize quickly.  Don’t leave your flower in a sunny windowsill or next to the bright light of a lamp.  This also goes for UV lighting in particular, as exposure to this light is one of the main culprits pertaining to aging hemp flower.  UV light can cause hemp flower to lose its effectiveness and potency simultaneously.

Overall, a closet, drawer or cabinet is a great choice since it’s dark, dry, and cool, acting as the perfect environment for your flower buds.

Hemp Flower Freshness Tip #4: Keep It Sealed

Hemp Flower needs to be kept sealed at all times to maintain its freshness – no exceptions.  Either keep it in an airtight jar or container.  Specifically, a glass jar being ideal since it’s better at maintaining the ideal temperature.

Hemp Flower Freshness Tip #5: Avoid the Temptation to Overbuy

It’s a common mistake to buy way too much hemp flower when your favorite supplier is offering it on sale.  Stocking up on all kinds of strains can seem like a fun idea, until you realize that there really is no way that you will be able to get through all of that flower in 6 months’ time, leading to a good deal of expired product.

Hemp Flower Freshness Tip #6: Don’t Leave It Outdoors

Leaving your hemp flower outside is a big no-no.  How come?  Well, essentially, it’s because outdoor environments are prone to drastic changes in temperature, light, and humidity, all of which can damage those cannabinoids and terpenes in a matter of days.

Hemp Flower Freshness Tip #7: Buy Fresh Flower

Always buy your hemp flower from a company that has a strong reputation for their quality products, such as ELYXR.  This means that they likely have a high product turnover rate, so that the flower isn’t arriving to you already close to expiring because it’s been sitting in a warehouse for months.

Final Fresh Hemp Flower Thoughts

Hemp flower is particularly prone to expiring prematurely because of its raw and unprocessed nature.  The good news is that there are some simple ways to make sure that your flower lasts for as long as possible, so that it can always give you the bold terpene flavor and full extent of enjoyable effects.  Overall, flower can last for up to 6 months, as long as you put just a little bit of effort into how you store it.

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