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Getting Your D9o ‘Vape On’: Which D9o Live Resin 90% Disposable 2 Grams (2000mg) Strains are Right for Me?

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When it comes to vaping delta 9o, it’s all about getting that blissful, uplifting high that comes from the cannabinoid’s unique psychoactive properties. But, there’s another aspect that’s worth paying attention to, which is the strain. The strain of a disposable vape comes from the terpenes that’re added to the vape oil formula, which match those found naturally in a particular cultivar of cannabis.

ELYXR’s D9o Live Resin 90% Disposable 2 Grams (2000mg) comes in an impressive selection of strains that you can choose from to really customize your high based on what it is you want to achieve during every hemp-based vaping session.

Why You Should Choose Your Strain Wisely

Each cultivar, or strain, of cannabis has its own terpene profile, and this matters a lot because each terpene in the plant is associated with specific effects. So, each strain can have extremely distinctive qualities that determine what your “high” feels like. Besides that, every strain has its own flavor profile, because terpenes in cannabis are responsible for how the plant tastes. Strains fall into one of the three categories below:

Indica: Indica strains are most commonly enjoyed in the evening, because they can cause a feeling of laziness, and produce a body high that makes you want to stay put for a few hours.

Sativa: Sativa strains are good daytime cultivars because they can be more uplifting and motivating, with stronger cerebral effects and less of a lazy feeling throughout the body.

Hybrid: Hybrid strains are a bit more balanced because they result from crossing together an indica and a sativa.

Keep in mind too, that the D9o vape strain you choose can dramatically influence the type of “high” that you feel, not to mention the flavor of your clouds. So, carefully consider each strain that we will be covering here shortly, in order to figure out which ones are the most likely to meet your vaping needs.

The Perfect Strain to Experience D9o Vaping Satisfaction Like Never Before Awaits!

Now, let’s dive into the following strains you can find for our D9o Live Resin 90% Disposable 2 Grams (2000mg).

Indica Strains: Each of these indica strains is sure to unlock some amazingly blissful sessions.

Strawberry Shortcake: A 75% sativa / 25% indica hybrid, Strawberry Shortcake has an absolutely dazzling flavor profile of luscious strawberries and warm vanilla. Its effects can be powerfully euphoric, while making you feel sociable and downright giddy. At the same time, it never makes you feel sleepy or too hazy to concentrate on what’s going on around you.

Dream Kush: This rare indica dominant hybrid at 80/20 has similar effects to Blue Dream - a calming lift and a sleepy comedown. Dream Kush has a very delectable berry kush flavor with slight notes of fresh herbs and woodiness. A lemony kush and earth, with a touch of spicy blueberry best describes its aroma.

Grape Ice: Grape Ice is an indica strain with an aromatic profile that can captivate all five senses, while its potent effects induce amazing blissfulness. You’re in for a perfect balance of fruity, grape goodness and soothing Banana Butter Cups-like tranquility.

Sweet Melon Ice: An indica strain with a soothing texture of Sweet Melon intertwined with a chilly ice feeling. You will feel totally euphoric after you try this one. In fact, you might go in two different directions with this strain: "Veg-out" on the couch or hold a stimulating and intellectual conversation about absolutely nothing.

Sativa Strains

Each of these sativa strains is sure to have to in an amazing state of mind throughout the day.

Durban Poison: A pure sativa strain originating from South Africa, Durban Poison has a very sweet smell to go along with energetic and uplifting effects that help you stay productive while getting a nice boost in the creativity department.

Blue Razz: A sativa that has a dual-berry combo that supplies users with a "berry" good high that starts from your head and flows down your body. This tasty treat is best used in the afternoon because it is a heavy couch-locker.

Candy Milkshake: This sativa has a nicely sweet n’ creamy flavor and aroma that makes you feel relaxed and ready to still take on the rest of your day.

Orange Ice: This amazing sativa has a creamy orange and gelato taste and aroma that simply packs a nice euphoric punch.

Hybrid Strains

These hybrid strains can give you the best of both worlds that will keep you coming back for more.

Gelato: An indica-dominant hybrid at 55% Indica / 45% Sativa, Gelato has a flavor that's known by many users to be similar to a sweet n’ fruity sherbet. The aroma is just as sickly-sweet, with a lavender citrus berry bouquet that has a woody effect. As tasty and as it is, it’s those effects that make Gelato what it is. The high is head heavy in nature and won't leave you sedated or couch-locked.

Lychee: This outstanding hybrid has a flavor & aroma reminiscent of lychee – notes of fruity sweet citrus and berries. Lychee even pairs well with daytime activities or a wake-and-bake session.

Biscotti Runtz:  This potent hybrid is a tasty combination of GSC, Gelato #25, and South Florida OG. Users report feeling relaxed with this high potency.

Rainbow Punch: This 50/50 balanced hybrid strain takes beauty and grace to a whole new level. It has the aromas of sweet n’ fruity cherries, sour berries, and spicy chemicals. The flavor is really identical to notable cherry berry overtones accented by fresh woodiness and hints of earthiness. Rainbow Punch will have you feeling giddy and giggly, followed then by a boost, eventually turning heavy and arousing at times.

I recently tried the D9o Live Resin 90% Disposable and was blown away by the quality. The flavor profile is exceptional, and the 90% THC content delivers a potent and enjoyable experience. The convenience of the disposable design is a huge plus. I'll definitely be purchasing this product again.

- Jonathan T.

This disposable pen exceeded my expectations. The live resin provided a rich and complex taste that was a delight to savor. The effects were powerful but not overwhelming, making it perfect for both recreational and medical users. The discreet and compact design is great for on-the-go use. Highly recommend!

- Santos M.

I'm a long-time cannabis enthusiast, and this product truly impressed me. The live resin flavor was unlike anything I've tried before, and the 90% THC content delivered a satisfying high. It's perfect for those looking for a top-tier experience without the hassle of traditional dabbing or vaping. D9o is my new go-to brand!

- Mark W.

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