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Flayvorz 2 Gram Live Resin Potion Blend Caviar Blunt Review

Flayvorz 2 Gram Live Resin Potion Blend Caviar Blunt Review

With the release of our new Potion Blend line here at ELYXR, people are lining up to explore the new vapes, gummies, and pre-rolls that bring together delta 8 and delta 10 for a balanced and blissful high in various product forms.  One of the most exciting products from this collection is the Flayvorz 2 Gram Live Resin Potion Blend Caviar Blunt, which goes above and beyond to deliver more than you’d ever think to ask for from a pre-roll.  Let’s take a look at this very special product and why it’s essential if you’re all about those cannabinoids and terpenes.

What to Know

First, let’s go over the specs.  This Caviar Blunt contains 2 grams of freshly cured CBD flower that’s been infused with a whopping 600mg of our d8 + d10 distillate blend, and also infused with live resin – a terpene extract derived from fresh flower, which offers more potency and flavor.  If that wasn’t enough, the whole thing is rolled in CBG flower kief, for even more terpene and cannabinoid goodness.  The flower comes in 3 strain choices and is derived organically.

Aesthetics and Labeling

For us at ELYXR, packaging and design are a big priority, and that’s evident when you take your first glance at this product.  Rather than going the boring route, the package is vibrant and enticing, with colors and patterns that instantly draw you in.  The container is airtight, and reusable, so that if you don’t finish your blunt, you can slip it back in there and know that it’ll stay fresh for next time.  The label gives you all of the critical info, like the strain, the cannabinoid blend, the directions for use, etc.

First Impression

The blunt looks the part in terms of being rolled impeccably and being secure so that no flower comes out in transit.  And, what we love is that you can get a nice whiff of delicious terpenes as soon as you open the package, to know you have a product that’s legitimately fresh, and was cultivated through expert methods.

Enticing Strains to Explore

You can choose from a small selection of strains:

  • Cereal Milk: Cereal Milk is a 50/50 hybrid that has a fruity and creamy taste, helping boost focus, creativity, and a feeling of utter joy.
  • Lemon Jack: Lemon Jack is a 70% sativa-dominant hybrid that has a bright, citrusy taste with notes of creamy vanilla, and behaves a lot like a true sativa with that classic “stoned” feeling.
  • Blueberry OG: Tasting just like fresh blueberries, this 80% indica-dominant hybrid feels nice and hazy, helping your mind “shut off” while your body feels numb.

What are the Flavor and Aroma Like?

We have to say that the flavor and aroma are absolutely exceptional, which isn’t surprising considering the fact that you’re getting top-shelf flower on top of live resin and CBG kief, all of which really boost the terpene content of the overall product.  We chose Cereal Milk as the strain of choice, and the taste of sweetness, creaminess, and fruitiness came through better than ever.

The High You Can Look Forward to

Let’s get one thing straight: this is a pretty potent product, even though the highs of delta 8 and delta 10 are milder than those of delta 9.  The high of the combined cannabinoids is surprisingly clear-minded, and super mood-oriented, while also promoting some nice feelings of ease in the body.

We went with Cereal Milk, like we said earlier, and the balanced hybrid vibes of this strain really helped complement the duo of cannabinoids.  The high kicked in within about 10 minutes of exhaling, and lasted for a solid 3 or so hours, and we have to say that the buzz was euphoric for the entire time.  The body high lasted too, without causing couchlock, instead offering a really soothing sensation of warmth throughout the body.

Take Your Love for Delta 8 and Delta 10 to the Next Level!

Flayvorz 2 Gram Live Resin Potion Blend Caviar Blunt at ELYXR isn’t your average pre-roll.  This super-sized, kief-rolled, live resin-infused flower is packed with delta 8 and delta 10 to give you a deeply satisfying high, while the flavor experience is out of this world.  Treat yourself today!

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