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Exotic Skittles Gummies Review

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There is nothing better than tasting the rainbow when it comes to enjoying a favorite candy or snack. Skittles are a staple of American candy aisles – but it’s easy to forget that all over the world, countries have their own variations on the iconic candy. Skittles is, after all, an international brand, and in Asian countries in particular, you can find takes on these tasty treats that are completely unique to what we’re used to over here in the U.S.

Something you just won’t find over here are these Exotic Skittles Gummies, which come in a couple of nice flavor variations. At ELYXR, you can grab these tasty gummies along with your favorite cannabinoid products, to satisfy your munchies once the high-induced hunger kicks in. Let’s explore these gummies a little further, since we had the chance to review them ourselves.

Sweet Basics

Exotic Skittles Gummies are extremely popular on the Asian market, and now you can find out what all of the hype is about. Rather than the traditional Skittles with their hard shell and chewy center, these are gummies inside and out, with the same general flavoring formula we associate with the iconic confection. They come in a resealable pouch, in two flavor options:

  • Original Fruit
  • Mixed Fruit

How It’s Packaged

Right away, the packaging of these gummies is enticing. A rainbow of colors – totally on brand, of course – draws you in, and there’s the obvious novelty factor of seeing a legendary brand’s graphics surrounded by Asian text. As a nice bonus, you get to see a graphic of what the gummies look like, and we have to say that the pastel, opaque Skittles gummies are actually quite aesthetically pleasing.

Now, one thing you do need to keep in mind is that none of the writing on these bags is in English – after all, these are Chinese snacks. So, unless you happen to know the language of the country that your particular flavor comes from, good luck understanding the information on the bag, like the ingredients list.

Phenomenal Flavors

How could we resist trying both flavors? We went with Mixed Fruit and Original Fruit, each containing a variety of fruity flavors that are equally irresistible. We’ll be honest – it was hard to identify each individual fruit in either bag, but what we can say is that both options give you a combo of fruits that we’re more used to, and exotic ones that we couldn’t put our finger on, but totally excited the taste buds.

So, are these Skittles gummies a good option when you’re nice and stoned? The answer is an indisputable “yes”. They’re unique, enticing, flavorful, and sweet, which is absolutely ideal for when those munchies take hold.

Skittles Gummies? Sign Us Up!

If you’re a fan of Skittles, or of sweets in general, these Asian Skittles gummies will hit the spot – especially when you’re high. A blend of familiar and exotic flavors come together to give you the sweet and tangy flavor profile that you know and love, on an entirely different level. And, the good news is you don’t need to book a flight to enjoy them – they’re available at ELYXR, along with your favorite hemp products, so that you can just place an order and let them arrive at your door. Be sure to grab a bag or two to try out. These will be your next favorite candy or snack.

Exotic Skittles Gummies are a game-changer! The lychee and dragon fruit flavor is incredibly refreshing and the gummy texture adds a fun twist to the classic Skittles experience. I can't stop munching on these.

- Ethan R.

Exotic Skittles Gummies with mango and chili are a flavor explosion! The sweet mango taste combined with the spicy kick from the chili is addictive. These gummies are a fantastic twist on the classic candy.

- Daniel P.

Exotic Skittles Gummies with cardamom and pistachio are a delightful surprise. The cardamom adds a warm, spicy note, and the pistachio provides a satisfying crunch. These gummies are like a mini Middle Eastern dessert.

- Aiden H.

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