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Exotic Skittles Candies Review

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Skittles are a staple of American candy aisles – but it’s easy to forget that all over the world, countries have their own variations on the iconic candy. Skittles is, after all, an international brand, and particularly in Asian countries, you can explore takes on these chewy treats that are completely unique to what we’re used to over here in the U.S.

Anyone out there searching for a new Skittles flavor, Exotic Skittles Candies have arrived! ELYXR has recently launched a collection of Exotic Snacks, imported from all over the world, to provide the ultimate munchies for when those cannabinoids kick in. Let’s take a closer look at these unique Skittles, as we got to review them and find out whether or not they’re worth the hype.

Sweet Basics

Exotic Skittles Candies come straight from the Asian candy market and are hugely popular overseas. They come in a resealable pouch, and as you may have guessed, it’s their flavor profile that makes them distinctive. The flavor is Fruit Tea – a flavor that does not exist in the United States.

How It’s Packaged

Right away, the packaging of these candies is going to draw you in. In line with the brand, a rainbow of colors collide with graphics of fruits and the classic image of Skittles, all surrounded by Asian text. There is a clear novelty factor that’s appealing too, as it’s always fun to see how iconic brands we grew up with are visually represented in other countries.

Now, one thing you do need to keep in mind is that none of the writing on these bags is in English – after all, these are international snacks. So, unless you happen to know the language of the country that your particular flavor comes from, good luck understanding the information on the bag, like the ingredients list.

Phenomenal Flavor

Let’s get to the most important part – how these candies taste. We weren’t sure what to expect from a flavor like Fruit Tea, but now, truth be told, we’re pretty much obsessed. There is a distinctively “Asian sweets” type of flavor, so if you’re generally a fan of Asian desserts, you won’t be disappointed. Notice a sweet fruity taste with mellow tea undertones, balancing out the sweetness with something soothing and almost creamy. The bag contains a variety of different fruit and tea flavors, and the tea note is akin to an aromatic black tea.

Get Ready to “TASTE THE RAINBOW” from All Over the Globe!

Skittles are always a good reach if you’ve got a sweet tooth – and a fantastic way to keep the munchies at bay after indulging in your favorite cannabinoid products at ELYXR. So, it’s pretty genius of the brand to carry exotic snacks, including these tasty tea-flavored Skittles candies. If you’re looking for a whole new way to experience these classic candies, go ahead and place an order on ELYXR’s website, and don’t hesitate to explore the other exotic snacks that they have in their catalog as well.

Exotic Skittles Candies are a burst of flavor like no other! I tried the lychee and dragon fruit variety, and I was hooked. Each candy is like a tropical vacation for your taste buds. I can't wait to try the other exotic flavors.

- Natalie G.

Exotic Skittles Candies with mango and chili are a flavor explosion! I love the sweet mango taste followed by a subtle kick of heat from the chili. These candies are addictive, and I can't get enough of them.

- Sophia M.

Exotic Skittles Candies with cardamom and pistachio are a revelation! The cardamom adds a warm and spicy note, while the pistachio provides a satisfying crunch. It's like a mini Middle Eastern dessert in each candy. Highly recommended!

- Lucas H.

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