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Exotic Oreo Cookies Limited Edition Review

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We all know Oreos thanks to their rich chocolate biscuits and smooth vanilla cream filling. But, the cookie giant also sells products outside of the United States that are totally different from what we’re used to in the US, and we mean that in a very good way. Now that ELYXR has introduced a collection of curated Exotic Snacks, it has never been easier to explore mouthwatering Oreo flavors from overseas, with totally distinctive flavor profiles to satisfy you when those munchies kick in. Oreo has been a staple in everyone’s household as a snack favorite, and as you will soon find out, these Exotic Oreo Cookies are no exception.

Rich Basics

Oreos come in all kinds of different flavors here in the states, but there are some flavors that you can only get overseas. These Oreos come from China, in large, multi-sleeve packages. You can choose from the flavors below:

  • Chocolate Mousse (with traditional chocolate Oreo biscuits)
  • Grapefruit and Mango (with vanilla Oreo biscuits)

How It’s Packaged

It’s hard to argue that there’s an appealing novelty aspect to seeing our favorite domestic snacks in international packaging, combining instantly recognizable logos and color schemes with texts from other countries, and graphics that you wouldn’t see here. The packaging for both flavors is enticing, with the Chocolate Mousse flavor coming in the more traditional Oreo aesthetic, and the Grapefruit and Mango featuring a beautiful tropical motif in gentle pastel colors.

Now, one thing you do need to keep in mind is that none of the writing on these bags is in English – after all, these are Chinese snacks. So, unless you happen to know the language of the country that your particular flavor comes from, good luck understanding the information on the bag, like the ingredients list.

Awesome Flavors

Naturally, we couldn’t resist trying both flavors. Especially because these are limited edition flavors, we didn’t want to miss out on our chance.

  • Chocolate Mousse was super gratifying. It’s not actual chocolate mousse between those two sandwich cookies, but the traditional Oreo cream that’s flavored to mimic chocolate mousse – and it’s a success. You will get that ultra-rich and velvety chocolate mousse taste that’s super decadent, and if you’re a chocolate lover, this is the ultimate choice when the munchies hit.
  • Grapefruit and Mango was the wildcard, and we were happy to see that the sandwich cookies are vanilla, as we don’t think it would’ve paired well with chocolate. What we ended up with was a surprisingly gentle fruity flavor, in that it wasn’t super cloying or artificial-tasting. Both the grapefruit and the mango came through, and it was actually quite refreshing.

Give These Exotic Oreos a Try!

The bottom line is that when those munchies hit, these limited edition, exotic Oreo flavors won’t disappoint. A nice change-up from the standard variety, they’ll excite the taste buds while you sit back and enjoy your high. And, thanks to ELYXR’s new exotic snacks collection, it’s easy to grab a box of either flavor along with your favorite psychoactive hemp products.

Exotic Oreo Cookies took me on a flavor adventure I didn't know I needed! The combination of unique ingredients like passion fruit and cardamom in these cookies is a game-changer. They're the perfect blend of sweet and exotic. I couldn't stop eating them!

- Samantha L.

Wow, Exotic Oreo Cookies are a taste sensation! The mango and chili pepper version has just the right balance of fruity sweetness and a hint of heat. It's like a fiesta in my mouth! I'm definitely buying more.

- Linda G.

I've always been a fan of Oreos, so I had to try these Exotic Oreo Cookies when I saw them. The lavender and honey flavor was unexpectedly delightful. It's like enjoying a relaxing cup of herbal tea in cookie form. Great for winding down after a long day.

- David M.

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