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Exotic Lay’s Limited Edition Chips Review

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ELYXR has established itself as one of the absolute best sources for hemp-infused products – particularly hemp-based products that deliver a dreamy, powerful high. Our catalog continues to grow as they develop more and more sublime formulas. But there is a new category on the website that doesn’t contain cannabis at all – Exotic Snacks. This amazing selection offers up a dreamy display of imported snacks curated from all over the globe that act as the ultimate munchies for when your favorite cannabinoids kick in.

For anyone who prefers a savory treat over a sweet one, ELYXR carries a variety of exotic Lay’s Chips flavors that will blow you away. With downright addictive flavors that you just can’t get in the United States, these chips are basically essential snacks for when the munchies take hold. Let’s take a closer look at their Limited Edition flavors as we got to sample them ourselves.

Crisp & Crunchy Basics

Thought you’ve tried every Lay’s Chips flavor under the sun? Think again. The brand is extremely popular all over the world, and there are lots of flavors that you can only get in certain countries – in this case, China. Now, however, ELYXR has brought them to the U.S. market. Sold by the bag, these chips come in the following flavors, from a variety of different countries:

  • Octopus Meatball
  • Octopus Meatball
  • Sizzling Squid

How It’s Packaged

To be honest, the packaging for these Limited Edition Lay’s flavors is a lot more enthralling than what you’d see in the local food store. It turns out that the packaging varies quite a bit, depending on the flavor. But, overall, the brand has really done a fantastic job at drawing you in from just looking at the bag.

Now, one thing you do need to keep in mind is that none of the writing on these bags is in English – after all, these are exotic snacks. So, unless you happen to know the language of the country that your particular flavor comes from, good luck understanding the information on the bag, like the ingredients list.

Insane Flavors

Of course, we sampled all three flavors – after all, how could we not? Given that they’re all limited edition, we felt like it was our only chance.

  • Let’s start with Octopus Meatball, which had a uniquely savory undertone, with strong notes of umami paired beautifully with the sweet octopus.
  • The shrimp flavor was the saltiest of the 3, unsurprisingly, and you can taste the real shrimp flavoring that gave it another major umami boost.
  • Then came the squid, which was probably the sweetest of the bunch, and we swore we could detect some garlic in there, which is definitely never a bad thing.

These Lay’s Chips Hit on a Whole New Level!

We’ve gotta say that these Lay’s Limited Edition Chips from China are perfect for satisfying the munchies, when you’re craving a super savory flavor with a twist, and that crunch that the iconic brand is known for. So, go ahead and help yourself to these intense flavors at ELYXR, since we pride ourselves on bringing our customers the coolest exotic snacks from around the globe, while also still checking out the rest of our magnificent hemp products.

Exotic Lay's Chips are a snack lover's dream come true! The Thai Basil Coconut flavor is a revelation. It's a perfect blend of savory and slightly sweet, with a hint of exotic spices. I can't get enough of these chips.

- Ryan M.

Exotic Lay's Chips are a flavor adventure! The Szechuan Peppercorn and Five-Spice flavor is a true standout. It's a spicy, numbing sensation that keeps me reaching for more. These chips are a must-try for spice lovers.

- Natalie H.

Exotic Lay's Chips have won me over completely! The Wasabi Nori flavor is a fantastic combination of bold and savory. These chips have quickly become my go-to snack when I need a little kick.

- Ava B.

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