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ELYXR Strain Spotlight: Durban Poison: The “Coffee” of Cannabis

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Durban Poison is one of the few true sativas that remains a staple of the market, and despite the fact that it’s been around for ages, it remains one of the most sought-after cultivars of all-time – not to mention the proud parent to many of the best-selling strains in the world. So, what is it about this classic that makes it so appealing to this day? Let’s find out.

Durban Poison Basics

Durban Poison sounds ominous, but let’s explore why: as a 100% Sativa line from South Africa, a continent with a centuries-long history of growing cannabis, or dagga, and its 25% THC, this is one of the most potent and powerful strains available, making it a top choice for recreational and medical users alike. The uplifting aromatic strain is invigorating, focusing, and enhances the senses.

Bud Characteristics

Think of the Durban Poison strain nugs as medium to large holiday ornaments, more tapered and elongated than round, but covered in glistening, sparkling glitter from the trichomes, which offset the green leaves and reflect the bright orange color of the pistils. They’re pretty, and quite sticky.

Growing Durban Poison Seeds

Durban Poison is one that’s quite easy to grow. With lifespans spent in both Northern and Southern hemispheres, as we touched upon earlier, Durban Poison has become resilient to all types of weather. Hence, it’s able to be grown indoors or outdoors. Now, even though Durban Poison can withstand a variety of climates, it thrives best at, when in the vegetative phase: 70°F-85°F (21-29°C) and a relative humidity of 50%-70%, and once it reaches the flowering phase: 65°F-80°F and reduce humidity to 40%-50%. Durban Poison has a flowering time of approximately 8-10 weeks. Pay attention to the trichomes' color to determine optimal harvest time. Once they turn milky with some amber, it's an indicator that it is a good time to harvest.

Flavor & Aroma

The musky, skunky and earthy flavors expected from cannabis are accentuated in the Durban Poison strain, with hints of sweet minty citrus, and a bit of licorice. The flowers in particular are skunky when they’re broken up or ground, and the smoke that the strain gives off is thick and noticeable, which is a trait that is important to keep in mind if you’re seeking discretion when you partake. You will smell and taste the licorice on exhaling, with a mix of pine.

Durban Poison Uses and Effects

Since this sativa strain is known for giving a heavy head buzz, the therapeutic uses are cerebral, and focused on mental health and perceptions. This strain is effective in focusing the mind, and that can partially help with physical pain in some instances, but for the most part, the medical uses of this strain revolve mood disorders, as well as helping with loss of appetite.

What Can You Expect When Taking Durban Poison?

Generally, it is wise to prepare for a heightened environment. The Durban Poison strain is like taking in a big dose of caffeine, but it’s faster-acting, so you will see, hear, smell and feel more, in high-definition in no time. Plus, since it’s a focusing high, you can truly get a sense of being “in the moment”, if you’re a follower or practitioner of mindfulness. Also expect to feel energetic, euphoric, creatively stimulated, focused, along with being in a state of utter, blissful awareness, from start to finish.

Durban Poison: Enjoy the Here and Now as You Embark on Awakening Journey

Overall, Durban Poison isn’t a strain known for relaxation. It’s very much a “wide-awake” strain that focuses your mind and attention, and even energizes you quickly. It’s recognized for a highly potent cerebral high that is relentless, lasting for several hours, so it’s best used during the day. It will make you chattier, more introspective, and increase your creative thinking process, so be prepared. It’s like a double – no, a triple espresso. Overall, it’s definitely the choice to get any annoying chores done in no time, or to help get you through your workout!

At ELYXR, you can get your ‘smoke on’ with Durban Poison by grabbing a 2 Gram Caviar Blunt (400mg HHC), an 1 Gram Joint (75mg HHC), or a resealable bag or jar of HHC Flower.

Durban Poison from ELYXR is a breath of fresh air! The uplifting and energetic high is perfect for getting through a busy day. The distinct sweet and earthy flavor profile is a delight to the senses. The buds are beautifully manicured, and the overall quality is top-notch. ELYXR has crafted a winner with this strain!

- Santos S.

Impressed with the clarity and focus that ELYXR's Durban Poison brings. The cerebral high is invigorating, making it a great daytime strain. The buds have a nice density, and the aroma is both earthy and slightly sweet. If you're looking for a strain to boost productivity and creativity, Durban Poison is a solid choice.

- Julia G.

ELYXR's Durban Poison is a well-balanced strain that delivers a clean and focused high. The buds have a nice, tight structure, and the aroma is both earthy and slightly citrusy. It's a great option for those who want to stay active and engaged without feeling overwhelmed. Overall, a reliable and enjoyable choice.

- Alexander G.

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