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ELYXR Strain Spotlight: Bubba Kush – Bringing Some Incredible and Tranquil Indica-Dominant Effects

ELYXR Strain Spotlight: Bubba Kush – Bringing Some Incredible and Tranquil Indica-Dominant Effects

Bubba Kush has long been established as one of the most desirable indica-dominant strains of all time, with its potency of effects paired with its ability to help you enter a state of uninterrupted bliss for hours at a time.  Not only that, but it has one of the most complex and distinctive flavor profiles out there, making it highly appealing to serious connoisseurs who crave new and exciting flavor experiences while they treat themselves to new cultivars.  If you’re new to the strain market and don’t know much about what makes Bubba Kush such a legend, you will wanna read on.

Bubba Kush Basics

Bubba Kush, sometimes referred to as “Bubba”, “Bubba OG”, or just “BK”, is an indica-dominant strain.   It has a THC level of about 25% in its most natural form, which is extremely potent, and definitely at the higher end of the psychoactive level.  Its lineage is something of a mystery, since its breeders never disclosed how they came up with the strain.  But, many believe that it has OG Kush and Afghani as its parents due to its similarities to both cultivars.

Bud Characteristics

Bubba Kush is characterized by its giant, fluffy heart-shaped buds that are actually quite aesthetically pleasing to look at.  The buds have a dark olive-green hue to them, with very long and fine orange hairs that look neon in the light.  The buds have a sugar-coated appearance thanks to a very sticky layer of resinous trichomes that coat the flower consistently throughout.

Growing Bubba Kush Seeds

Bubba Kush flowers over roughly 8–9 weeks, and thus, can produce outstanding yields, regardless, if it’s grown indoors or outdoors.  Being so dense and thick, it leans towards needing tons of attention and good ventilation, as this is all to avoid issues with pests and/or mold.

Flavor and Aroma

It is safe to say that no other strain on the planet tastes like Bubba Kush.  The flavor offers notes of coffee, chocolate, various florals, and exotic spices, with a strong hashy undertone.  The coffee and chocolate stand out the most, and even make for a mocha-like taste experience.  Aroma-wise, you will get a much earthier note while the other notes mingle with one another.

Bubba Kush Effects

Bubba Kush is a popular choice for bedtime since its ‘high’ strongly impacts both body and mind.  The body high is very heavy and can cause even the most seasoned users to enter a state of absolute couchlock.  As for its cerebral properties, you’re in for a very unfocused yet euphoric high, where it’s hard to catch onto any single thought.  It’s also great for physical discomfort, since the body high can ease tension throughout the muscles, all while putting your mind at total ease.

What Can You Expect When Taking Bubba Kush?

Once the effects of Bubba Kush kick in, you’ll notice that the high peaks almost immediately.  This fast-acting strain starts out with a powerful cerebral effect that makes your mind feel utterly spaced out and unable to concentrate on much at all.  You will find your worries melting away as you give into the feeling of complete inner peace and tranquility.  It’s awesome if you’ve had a long and stressful day, and just want to completely forget about everything that’s been troubling you.  At the same time, you’ll notice a euphoric effect that makes you feel invincible.

Slowly, the body starts to feel like it’s wrapped in a warm blanket, and your muscles give into a feeling of absolute release.  At this point, you’re probably going to want to lay down and relax, because your body will start to feel so heavy that the idea of standing up for more than a minute at a time can be impossible.  Because of all of these effects coming together, you’ll probably want to save this strain for the evening hours, since it can be hard to get much done around the house once it really kicks in.

Product Recommendation: ELYXR’s Bubba Kush CBD Flower

Get back to the source with ELYXR CBD flower, providing you with a naturally full spectrum, additive-free method for pure hemp bliss.  These raw flower buds can be smoked, vaped, or even used to make the perfect DIY edibles recipe, all while being non-psychoactive, high in cannabidiol and rich in delicious and fresh terpenes.

Our Bubba Kush CBD Flower comes from domestic, organic hemp farmers who have spent years in the business perfecting their craft.  We’re proud to bring you the fruits of their labor in this 3.5 gram jar, which offers some of the freshest flower buds around.

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