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The new THC-A Flower from ELYXR offers a wide selection of must-try strains, all while delivering a product that’s as close to legal weed as possible. Using real, cultivated THC-A flower buds, this is the highest quality level you’ll find anywhere, and delivers a substantial delta 9 high through the heating of its raw precursor, THC-A, or tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. Let’s take a closer look at this product, because if you’re a fan of delta 9, we have no doubt that this will become your new favorite hemp product to try – especially if you love the idea of smoking or vaping raw flower over other types of products.

The Basics

Available by the eighth, quarter, or half ounce, the THC-A Flower at ELYXR is a great alternative to weed, as it’s totally compliant with the law. THC-A is tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, a cannabinoid that acts as the raw precursor to delta 9 THC. THC-A flower is cultivated by exposing it to conditions that increase the THC-A level. This means that our flower isn’t infused with any distillates, but instead grown to yield the amount of THC-A required to offer 25% concentration. When you heat THC-A, as you do when dabbing, it turns into delta 9 THC, which is the same delta 9 that’s in weed – only this time, it’s legal. That means that you’ll be able to enjoy a potent delta 9 high, with a chemical composition that’s basically identical to weed.

The flower comes in a variety of strain options, and has undergone standard lab-testing protocol for purity, safety, and quality.

The Strains

Our THC-A flower comes in a variety of strain options, so let’s take a look at what they are:

  • Berry White – Indica
  • King Louis XII – Indica
  • Gushy Gelato – Hybrid
  • Slurricane – Hybrid
  • Strawberry Cough – Sativa
  • Blueberry Yum Yum - Sativa

The Packaging and Ingredients

The packaging for our THC-A flower, as always with ELXYR, is a delight all on its own. We love the vibrant colors and trippy graphics that instantly make you want to try what’s inside. You’ll also get all the info you need about what’s inside on the label, including the ingredients, the directions for use, and the active components, with how much you’re getting in each serving. The jar is airtight to ensure that what’s inside stays totally fresh.

As for the flower itself, you don’t need to worry about any additives in the product. Flower should always contain only pure hemp derivatives, and this product lives up to that standard, containing nothing but raw hemp flower.

The Aroma/Flavor

When it comes to the flavor and aroma with flower, naturally that’s all coming from the natural terpenes in the product. And, how fresh your flower is will have lot to do with the flavor that you get to experience. Of course, growing conditions, terpene count, and the strain itself all matter too.

We picked Strawberry Cough for this review, and the vibrant notes of sweet, freshly picked strawberries and aromatic black pepper were super potent, in all of the right ways.

The Experience

Now, let’s talk about the effects themselves. THC-A flower will give you a potent delta 9 high, and Strawberry Cough is the perfect strain for testing that out, as it’s a crowd-pleaser with its uplifting sativa effects. Once you get past the harshness of the inhale, as implied by the name, it doesn’t take long for a wave of massive euphoria to kick in. You’ll feel uplifted and energized, with a strong sense of focus and motivation. This feeling gets more and more relaxing until you’re in a state of absolute peace, without any sedation.

Elyxr’s THC-A Flower Goes Above and Beyond to Satisfy Your Delta 9 Needs

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a legal hemp product that comes as close to weed as possible, the answer is ELYXR’s THC-A Flower, which is grown carefully to develop the highest level of THC-A possible. This product is sold fresh, and comes in all kinds of delicious strains so that you can get everything you want out of a smoking or vaping sesh. And, of course, as always, our flower arrives fully lab-tested, so that you can be confident that you’re getting the good stuff.

THC-A Flower is a revelation! The potency is off the charts, and the buds are crystal-coated. The high is incredibly clean and intense. If you're a fan of top-shelf cannabis, this is a must-try. It's a true gem in the world of flower.

- Martin G.

I've sampled my fair share of strains, but THC-A Flower takes the cake. The clarity and purity of the trichomes are breathtaking. The effects are strong but not overwhelming. It's perfect for those seeking an elevated experience.

- Sophia A.

THC-A Flower is the gold standard of cannabis. The aroma is captivating, and the flavor is unmatched. It's like a symphony of terpenes in every puff. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newbie, this flower will impress.

- Elizabeth R.

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