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ELYXR LA Live Resin Galactic Blend Dabs Stardawg Sativa Review

ELYXR LA Live Resin Galactic Blend Dabs Stardawg Sativa Review

ELYXR LA has been killing it lately, with their ever-growing lineup of top-shelf hemp products featuring some of the most sought-after strains and legal, psychoactive cannabinoids on the planet.  Their selection of products is massive, offering every kind of product type that you could dream of, but if there’s one product line that is a must-try for experienced cannabis enthusiasts, it’s their Galactic Blend.

Anyone who craves a super potent, out-of-this-world high will be interested in the Galactic Blend Dabs, which offer a unique cannabinoid blend paired with live resin.  We decided to check these dabs out in the strain Stardawg, and we’ll be reviewing our experience today.

The Basics

What exactly are ELYXR’s Live Resin Galactic Blend Dabs?  It’s a super potent wax concentrate that combines hemp-derived live resin (which is super potent and flavorful, as is all live resin) with 5 ultra-popular and powerful cannabinoids: THC-P, HHC-O, HHC-P, HHC, and Delta 9o.  All 5 of these legal, intoxicating hemp derivatives offer something unique, and combined, they promise a high that’s simply out of this world.

Naturally, the product has undergone third-party testing, and ELYXR does make their lab reports easy to find on their website.  These dabs come in a 1-gram container, and if you’re new to dabbing, we do want to mention that this is the strongest kind of cannabis product there is, so go easy, especially since the product is infused with some of the most intoxicating cannabinoids that are derived from the hemp plant.

The Strain

The dabs come in a selection of strain options, and we chose Stardawg – note that sometimes it’s referred to as “Stardog”.  It’s a 70% indica, 30% sativa hybrid that comes from crossing the iconic Chemdawg with Tres Dog.  Its THC levels can vary, but that’s kind of irrelevant here, because the strain is infused with a bunch of cannabinoids that have nothing to do with the natural THC levels yielded by the cultivar.

The strain is described as super uplifting and energizing, while helping alleviate stress and other mood issues.  It’s probably best for daytime.  Plus, it can be awesome for when you’re looking to be extra social.

The Packaging

ELYXR always does a fantastic job with packaging, as they got their aesthetics down pat.  The outer space vibes that you get from the graphics draws you in immediately.  The package is also high in quality in terms of its materials, with an airtight container that keeps those dabs nice and fresh.  As for the labeling, the brand does a good job letting you know everything you need to know, like the strain, the amount inside, and how to use the product.

First Impression

As soon as we got that first whiff of live resin from opening the jar, it was clear that this is a solid product.  The wax has the right texture to it, that means that it’s not only super fresh, but that it was made according to the highest standards in the industry. 

The Aroma/Flavor

Stardawg has the aroma and flavor that we associate with some of the most classic strains of all time.  The note you’ll get from both the smell and the flavor are sour lemon, earthy diesel, and aromatic pine, and they’re all particularly pungent in this cultivar – even more so because of the concentrated live resin, which again, has a higher terpene concentration than more traditional types of cannabis extractions.

The Experience

Now, let’s talk about what these dabs actually feel like – after all, that’s the most important part.  Again, dabs are super potent compared to, say, flower, so this is a product that you should only really try if you’re prepared for a very powerful high.

With dabs, the effects kick in almost instantly, so it took minutes before a strong buzzy feeling took over the cerebral cortex, accompanied by a sensation of flying high above the clouds.  The euphoria associated with this strain is no joke, and it’s hard to tell what comes from the strain and what comes from the combination of uplifting cannabinoids that are added to the product.  There’s a big burst of energy that brings a feeling of giggliness, and if you’re with your friends, you can count on getting really chatty – at least, that’s what happened to us.

“Yo Dawg”, Get an “Out of This World” High from ELYXR’s Galactic Blend!

If you’re a cannabis fan who wants to max out in terms of potency, then the Galactic Blend Dabs are probably what you’re looking for.  Packed with 5 individual, high-potency cannabinoid distillates, and concentrated to offer effects that are as powerful as possible, you’re going to be in for a serious treat!  On top of that, Stardawg is a strain that we can’t recommend enough for anyone looking for the ultimate daytime high.

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