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ELYXR LA Delta 10 Ice Cream Cake Hybrid 1/8oz Review

ELYXR LA Delta 10 Ice Cream Cake Hybrid 1/8oz Review

ELYXR is one of the most respected names in the hemp industry, known for their gigantic selection of must-have products that highlight loads of in-demand, psychoactive cannabinoids, product types, strains, and more.  Their infused flower products are a huge hit, offering dreamy combos of mouthwatering cannabis cultivars and psychoactive cannabinoids like delta 8, THC-P, THCA, HHC, delta 10, and more.

Today, we’re going to be checking out their delta 10 flower in a strain we’ve been dying to sample ever since we heard the name: Ice Cream Cake.  This heavy-hitting hybrid has gotten loads of praise in recent times, and we’re going to see how it pairs with delta 10 THC, a cannabinoid beloved for its uplifting buzz.

The Basics

Let’s talk about the product a little bit before diving into our personal review.  ELYXR LA Delta 10 Ice Cream Cake Hybrid 1/8oz offers an eighth of top-shelf hemp buds, which have been infused with delta 10 THC distillate.  Delta 10, for those who don’t know, is a cannabinoid that is about 30% less intoxicating than delta 9 THC and is known for its “sativa-like” effects – think cerebral, mood-boosting, focus-enhancing, and creativity-stimulating.

Of course, the flower has undergone third-party testing, and checks all of the right boxes in that department.  The flower is organic, and the brand prides itself on selling flower that’s super fresh – no surprise there given their huge popularity, which lends itself to a fast product turnover rate.

The Strain

Ice Cream Cake is a 75% indica, 25% sativa hybrid, which comes from blending a Gelato phenotype with Wedding Cookies.  If you’re already familiar with those two extremely popular strains, then you know that you’re in for a treat – both in the effects and flavor.  The strain is known for its couchlock, so that’s something to keep in mind when considering when to partake, and it’s described as a heavily cerebral high that comes with intense feelings of relaxation and ease in the body and mind.  It can also be quite a munchy strain, so get some snacks handy.

The Packaging

Elyxr’s packaging never leaves anything to be desired.  Basically, whoever is doing their design consistently knocks it out of the park.  The brand’s aesthetic is one-of-a-kind, and instantly sets itself apart.  As for the quality of the packaging, the flower comes in an airtight jar that keeps the contents fresh, and the materials aren’t cheap and flimsy.  The label tells you everything you need to know – the strain, the weight, the contents, and directions for use.

First Impression

Again, we went with the Ice Cream Cake strain, and the appearance of the buds lives up to the description of the strain.  They’re small, grape-like, and covered in a rich forest green hue, with chunky orange hairs and a coating of frosty crystals.  In general, the buds feel fresh – in other words, not dry and stale.

The Aroma/Flavor

As soon as we opened the package, you could smell the freshness and potency of these gorgeous nugs.  There’s a rich creaminess and sweetness, along with nuttiness and hints of something similar to vanilla, all of which come together to really give you the aroma of ice cream cake. 

We went smoking this flower, so as the buds burn, a cheesiness is released that gives you something similar to cheesecake.  As for the taste of the buds, the notes match the aroma, only stronger, to the extent of making your mouth water.  If you happen to be a strain connoisseur who likes sampling new cultivars for flavor alone, this is one that you absolutely do not want to miss.

The Experience

Now, let’s dive into the actual experience.  This wasn’t our first time trying delta 10, so we already had a pretty good idea of what to expect.  But, because we’ve only vaped it before, the cannabinoid in flower form hit just a little harder.  The high wasn’t mind-blowingly potent, since delta 10 just isn’t a powerful cannabinoid in that sense, but there was a deeply stimulating buzz that came with a feeling of euphoria, paired with the tranquil effects of the strain.

After about an hour, things started to get sleepy, so if you’re going to choose this strain, we do recommend it at nighttime, when you have the space to curl up and get cozy.

Delta 10 + Ice Cream Cake: A Tasty, Mood-Boosting High!

The bottom line is that you can’t go wrong with this flower if you’re a delta 10 fan looking to try a new, delicious indica-dominant hybrid.  The flower is top-notch in terms of quality, and it comes from one of the most respected brands out there, so your chance of disappointment is super low.  Delta 10 isn’t going to get you wrecked out of your mind, but it will offer you a really satisfying buzz that hits the spot.  Overall, this product is something we can strongly recommend.

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