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Dabbing Live Resin vs. Smoking Live Resin vs. Vaping Live Resin

Dabbing Live Resin vs. Smoking Live Resin vs. Vaping Live Resin

Live resin is taking over the hemp market, giving us a more bioavailable, terpene-rich extract that gives us stronger flavor and effects.  Making its way into every product type, live resin can be enjoyed through any delivery method, but inhalation-based methods reign supreme.  That being said, there are some distinct differences between dabbing, smoking, and vaping live resin, which you will want to know ahead of time.

What Exactly is Live Resin?

Essentially, live resin is a cannabis concentrate extracted from newly gathered/harvested marijuana plant material that has been flash-frozen (or fresh frozen) at lower than average temps.  From there, it’s hit with solvents like butane, propane, or butane hash oil (BHO), and then finally pressed.

This distinctive extraction technique is what’s directly responsible for allowing this concentrate to reach such an immense value.  It even permits the curing and drying steps to be skipped.  Alternatively, the fresh or “live” plant is frozen soon after the harvesting. This clarifies why specific cannabis products you may have noticed in the hemp marketplace are categorized as “live”.

Which Type of Live Resin Product Delivery Method is Right for You?

Each of the below methods offers something valuable, thus providing users all the amazing benefits that live resin has to offer.  What we’re trying to say is, it really comes down to what you want to get out of your hemp-based experience.  You see, each method has its pros & cons for which you need to be aware of, as this in turn, will help you better reach your sweet spot and of course, your main goals.

Don’t forget that Here at ELYXR, you can find all of the below to explore what each product type/delivery method brings to the table.

Dabbing Live Resin

Live resin dabs are for those who want a very potent cannabinoid and terpene experience.  Dabs are concentrates, which are produced by concentrating the compounds in the flower material through various means, either with or without the use of a solvent.  The most common type of dab that contains live resin is wax, which gives you powerful flavor and a seriously impressive cannabinoid serving.  Wax gets its name from its wax-like consistency that can be a bit messy, but, as any dabber will tell you, is well worth it.

Dabbing must be used with dabbing equipment, since standard vaping and smoking devices can’t achieve the high temperatures needed to melt wax into an oil for proper vaporization.  You can find dab rigs as well as electronic dabbing devices.  Because of the high potency of dabbing, it may be a bit much for a total beginner, since the effects can be very strong.


  • The most potent hemp effects out of any product type.
  • A little goes a long way, offering more bang for your buck.
  • The strongest terpene flavor possible.


  • Can get messy.
  • Requires special equipment.
  • The high potency may not be best for beginners.
  • May cause some minor coughing.

Product Recommendation: Live Resin Mutant Blend (THC-H, THC-B, & THC-P) Dabs (1 Gram)

Why pick just one hemp-derived cannabinoid when you can enjoy 3 at one time?  Our Live Resin Mutant Blend Dabs provide you with THC-P, THC-H, and THC-B, paired with naturally extracted live resin, promising an absolutely staggering concentration of delicious terpenes.

Smoking Live Resin

Then, we have live resin flower, which is a little misleading.  Raw hemp flower buds must be dry-cured in order to be usable, as live resin is only compatible with extracts.  So, live resin flower takes dry-cured hemp buds and infuses them with live resin to boost their terpene and flavonoid content, while offering the only way to achieve the benefits of live resin through smoking.  You can find loose buds in pre-rolls, in various strains, just like you can with traditional flower products.  You will also find live resin flower moonrocks, which are infused flower buds rolled in kief, allowing for even more phenomenal terpene power.

Live resin flower is not as easy to find as the other two product types we’re talking about today.  But, if you’re already a flower enthusiast, it’s absolutely worth digging around for, because it can enhance your smoking sessions in ways that go above and beyond your expectations.  Hemp Flower infused with ultra-fresh and concentrated terpenes can really boost the entourage effect for even more satisfaction.


  • Highly bioavailable.
  • Loose buds and pre-rolls available.
  • Stronger effects than vaping.
  • Less potent than dabbing, making it good for beginners.
  • Raw and unprocessed, additive-free.


  • Can be irritating to the throat due to the nature of smoke.
  • Less discreet than vaping.
  • Tricker to travel with, due to the need to grind the flower and avoid making a mess.

Product Recommendation: 1 Gram Live Resin Potion Blend Joint (75mg D8, D10, & THC-O)

Our Live Resin Potion Blend Joint contains a full gram of super bioavailable, top-shelf hemp flower, infused with this trio of cannabinoids to give you an unforgettable and downright gratifying psychoactive experience.  At the same time, enjoy a selection of tasty strains that each give you a totally distinctive high thanks to their terpene profiles. Best of all, our joints cut out the hassle of having to roll your own, so you can just light up and enjoy.

Vaping Live Resin

Finally, we have vaping, which is by far the most popular way to enjoy the benefits of live resin.  Live resin is a thick, dark and somewhat sticky extract that works beautifully as a vape oil, blended carefully with cannabinoid distillate to provide the perfect whole-plant experience.  Vapes come in all kinds of strains to choose from, and you can go with pre-filled, 510-threaded vape cartridges to use with your favorite vape pen device, or the convenient disposable vape pens that are becoming very popular among today’s hemp enthusiasts.  Ideally, these vape oil formulas contain only live resin and cannabinoid distillate, with no added ingredients whatsoever.


  • Discreet compared to smoking and dabbing.
  • Portable and travel-friendly.
  • Pure – no additives.
  • User-friendly.
  • Beginner-friendly.


  • Less potent than dabbing, if high potency is what you’re chasing.
  • Possibly less bioavailable than the other two methods.

Product Recommendation: Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable 1 Gram (1000mg)

We have combined our stunningly pure delta 8 THC distillate with the ultra-potent, ultra-flavorful terpenes found in freshly extracted live resin.  The result is even more satisfaction than you ever thought possible, combined with the extreme convenience of using a maintenance-free disposable vaping system.

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