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Check Out This Hemp Combo: D9o + Live Resin

Check Out This Hemp Combo: D9o + Live Resin

Hemp lovers who crave a particularly powerful “high”, simply cannot get enough of delta 9o, also known as “D9o”.  Delta 9o Acetate is simply delta 9 THC extracted from hemp which has been treated with an “acetate”.  Delta 9o is also a semi-synthesized cannabinoid, with a “high” that seems to be simultaneously uplifting, euphoric, and soothing, while also introducing a body high that’s described by many users as deeply relaxing.  However, if you haven’t yet tried D9o with live resin, you have no idea what you’re missing.

Live resin is a relatively new way to extract the desirable compounds out of the hemp plant, offering higher potency and flavor in a way that significantly improves the way we consume our favorite cannabinoids and terpenes.  And, at ELYXR, you can enjoy a wide variety of products that combine live resin with sought-after cannabinoids, including D9o.

What Does Live Resin Bring to the World of Delta 9o?

Live resin refers to a different way to create a hemp extraction.  Traditionally, the hemp extracts that go into commonly used products such as tinctures, gummies, and vapes begin with raw hemp material that has been dry-cured – in other words, left in a dark, dry and cool room to partially dry out.  Dry-curing is an effective way to prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms that thrive in moist environments.  But, this process also has a suppressant effect on a critical component of the plant’s flower buds: the trichomes.

Trichomes are the resinous glands that give the raw flower its sticky coating.  These trichomes are where we find a treasure trove of terpenes and flavonoids.  Drying them out through a typical dry-curing process means we never get to experience their full potential, but thankfully, live resin has arrived.

Live resin is an extract of hemp made from raw plant material that has been flash-frozen when fresh, rather than dry-cured.  What this does is keep the trichomes of the plant much fresher, and so we can experience much higher concentrations of the terpenes and flavonoids that they contain.  The result is a much more potent extract that’s noticeably darker and thicker, showing us just how concentrated it is.

Live resin is a lot more flavorful, but that’s not all.  With stronger terpene and flavonoid content, you’re gonna get a more potent entourage effect, with each compound in the product maximizing the effects of the others.  And, of course, you will experience stronger effects from these terpenes and flavonoids in general, which’s particularly exciting if you’re choosing a specific strain that you need to get the most out of during your sessions.

How to Get the Best D9o + Live Resin on the Market

Live resin is incredibly easy to infuse into a hemp formula.  It can be switched out milliliter for milliliter with traditional extract, meaning that companies don’t need to change their recipes, and customers don’t need to change the amount they take each day.  So, at ELYXR, you can find D9o + Live Resin in the following product types/delivery methods:

Vapes are going to be the most commonly available option, since live resin vaporizes well.  But, ultimately, there really is no limit on what’s possible, and again, at ELYXR, we offer all kinds of exciting products crafted with live resin and psychoactive cannabinoids, D9o included, like the ones we just mentioned above.

As always, you want to choose your live resin source wisely.  Live resin products are lab-tested in the same way as more traditional hemp products, so the lab reports should be easy to find on the company’s website.  And, they should show you a much stronger concentration of terpenes than traditional hemp products.  Just keep in mind that most live resin products combine live resin with delta 9o distillate, so you should expect to see both components in a lab report.

Live resin, being more potent than standard extract, means that you might enjoy a greater, satisfying, and effective experience with the same dosage amount that you usually take.  Because it’s more bioavailable, the effects can be a bit stronger, and if you’re vaping live resin, you may even notice a little more harshness due to the high presence of terpenes.

So, if you’re ready to see what the live resin hype is about, head over to ELYXR, as our products are all made with lab-tested hemp extracts and clean ingredients, offering a large variety of product types, formulations, and more, while still featuring those awesome cannabinoids that you’ve already come to know and love.  Check out our selection today.

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