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Best Exotic Snacks When You Get the THC-H Munchies

Best Exotic Snacks When You Get the THC-H Munchies

Tetrahydrocannabihexol (THC-H) is a newer discovery, found naturally in cannabis, and acting as the second most intoxicating cannabinoid in cannabis, after tetrahydrocannabiphorol (THC-P).  Several times more potent than delta 9 THC, the high can be quite intense, in a way that any serious cannabis lover will tell you is deeply enjoyable.  And, as one might expect, the munchies factor can be big with THC-H.

Now, most of us are used to the munchies, and have our go-to snacks when those cravings hit.  But, maybe it’s time to give your munchies game an upgrade, with the new exotic snacks over at ELYXR.  These snacks are imported from various locations overseas, with flavor profiles that just seem to speak to the unique combos of tastes that we crave especially when we’re high.  So, when you’re about to enjoy some ELYXR THC-H, consider incorporating these snacks into your munchies game, since you can grab them along with the cannabinoids you love, all in one place.

What are “The Munchies” and When Do They Kick in?

The munchies” is that familiar sensation of hunger and cravings that happens when we consume most cannabinoids in cannabis.  Usually, when we get the munchies, what we want is to raid our snack pantry, and our appetite knows no bounds as we go through our favorite sweet and savory flavors.

So, where do the munchies come from?  It’s actually the natural result of certain cannabinoids interacting with serotonin receptors.  Serotonin is the neurotransmitter in the brain that we largely associate with mood – it’s widely known as the “happy” hormone.  But, a boost in serotonin can also mean an increase in appetite, which explains why we can get a sudden hit of cravings when we’re under the influence of these hemp derivatives.

Precisely how much the munchies hit you and when they ramp up depends on several variables such as the strain type used in that said hemp-infused product (even certain terpenes can enhance this effect), a product’s milligram strength, the dosage amount, and simply the manner in which your body utilizes cannabinoids.

To a greater extent, the delivery method can impact how and when THC-H reaches peak levels in the bloodstream:

  • Vapes: The munchies usually kick in within 45-60 minutes after inhalation.
  • Flower: The munchies usually kick in within 45-60 minutes after inhalation.
  • Dabs: The munchies usually kick in within 30-45 minutes after inhalation.
  • Gummies: The munchies usually kick in within about 3-4 hours after consumption.
  • Tinctures: The munchies usually kick in within 90 minutes-2 hours after consumption.

Next Time You Try Some THC-H, Grab These Exotic Snack Choices at ELYXR

The Exotic Snacks collection at ELYXR has something for everyone, from sweet to savory and even beverages, all of which won’t be encountered in your local supermarkets.  Imported from all over the globe, they have a way of nailing the things we crave the most when we’re high on THC-H.  We are aware that flavor is ultimately subjective, as we all have our personal preferences, but after trying out the entire catalog, these are our faves for when the munchies kick in.

#7: Lay’s Chips (Italian Red Meat)

Don’t knock these Lay’s chips until you try them – because we know that the name of the flavor sounds a bit odd.  The flavor is not one you’d find in the United States, as it’s actually an Asian release, and it’s inspired by the taste of ragu – in other words, tomato sauce cooked with meat.  It’s also absolutely delicious, with an intensely savory flavor that really does bring to mind the image of a big bowl of delicious pasta covered in sauce.

#6: Cheetos (Roasted Turkey)

Another flavor we recommend before trying before you knock it is these Roasted Turkey Cheetos, again from the Asian market, which take the classic crunchy cheese snack and give it a major umami makeover.  We can’t get enough of the taste of rich marinated Turkey, with Asian seasonings, combined with the intense cheddar that practically sends us into a state of euphoria.  Believe us when we say that you might finish the whole bag in one sitting.

#5: Chips Ahoy Soft Sandwich Cookies (Cranberry Muffin)

Chips Ahoy is a staple of American food culture, with their iconic cookies found in most pantries across the US.  But, unsurprisingly, these aren’t the Chips Ahoy cookies you’re used to.  The Cranberry Muffin Soft Sandwich Cookies are totally one-of-a-kind, and totally drool-worthy, if you ask us.  They consist of a super moist vanilla cookie exterior, stuffed with a cranberry filling that’s sweet, creamy, and tart thanks to the pop of berry in each bite.

#4: Fanta Soda (White Peach)

Fanta, owned by Coca-Cola, is a super popular soda brand that most of us are familiar with.  But, their international products, not so much.  We are in love with their White Peach flavor, which is sold in Asian supermarkets, and offers the crisp, clean, and fruity taste of juicy white peaches, rarely found in cola drinks over here.  Asian palates typically prefer less sugary sweetness than we do, so the flavor isn’t nearly as syrupy, and much more refreshing and light.

#3: Nestle Shark Wafer Bites (Cheese)

Nestle’s Shark Wafer Bites are another Asian import, taking a brand that we all know and doing something totally unique we wouldn’t have known existed if it weren’t for ELYXR.  So many of us crave something cheesy and savory when we’re high, and these hit that spot and then some.  The ultra-light wafers, layered with the cheesy filling, capture something that we deeply crave after THC-H kicks in.

#2: Kinder Creamy Milky and Crunchy

Kinder (meaning “children” in German) is a super popular European chocolate brand that has crept into US markets here and there over the years.  But, one thing you’ll have a hard time finding is Kinder’s Creamy Milky and Crunchy, which is an unbelievably tasty, sweet treat that seems like it was made for stoners.  A chocolate shell is filled with crispy puffed rice and a thick, milky cream, and comes with a spoon to boot.  It’s the kind of indulgence you’ll crave when you’re high on THC-H, without a doubt.

#1: Lay’s Limited Edition Chips (Salt and Pepper Mantis Shrimp)

Now, if there’s one Lay’s flavor that we’re completely obsessed with, it’s Salt and Pepper Mantis Shrimp, a limited-edition Chinese flavor that boasts major points in the umami department.  Shrimp is a super common form of seasoning in many Asian countries, offering a salty, fishy note that the palate can’t get enough of.  The addition of salt and pepper means a snack that is seasoned and balanced to perfection.

ELYXR’s THC-H is Great on its Own, But These Munchies Really Elevate Your Experience

THC-H is a very sought-after cannabinoid right now, because its blissful and uplifting high is far more potent than delta 9 THC, which is already substantial in the intoxication department.  Given that, you can count on some powerful munchies, and we’ve got you covered with our exotic snacks available at ELYXR, which ensure you’re totally satisfied once the cravings begin.

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