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Best Exotic Snacks When You Get the THC-B Munchies

Best Exotic Snacks When You Get the THC-B Munchies

Tetrahydrocannabutol (THC-B) is a pretty new cannabinoid to enter the market, and its big claim to fame is the fact that its potency is much higher than that of delta 9 THC, resulting in a super-powerful high to get you through a few hours with elevated mood, less tension in the body, and a sense of bliss that’s out of this world.  While ELYXR has been working hard developing THC-B products, there’s something else that’s new to our catalog – our exotic snacks, which satisfy something very specific, known as the munchies.

THC-B, like a nice majority of cannabinoids, can increase appetite, which is seen as a therapeutic benefit.  But, in practical terms, when we’re high on THC-B, we’re likely to get the munchies – in other words, that sudden urge to snack on just about anything.  Most of us crave unusual flavor combos when we’re high, and that’s why ELYXR’s new Exotic Snacks are a stroke of genius, offering the ultimate sweet treats and savory munchies to savor when you’re high on THC-B.

What are “The Munchies” and When Do They Kick in?

The munchies” is that big boost in appetite that comes from consuming most cannabinoids in cannabis.  Usually, when we get the munchies, what we want are sweet or savory snacks, and we find that we can down a whole box of cookies or bag of chips in one sitting.

The reason why we get a case of the munchies is due to the way in which these cannabis-derived cannabinoids attach to our serotonin receptors.  Serotonin is the neurotransmitter in the brain that we largely associate with mood – it’s sorta recognized as the “happy” hormone.  But, an uptick in serotonin also means an increase in appetite, which explains why we can get a sudden hit of cravings when we’re high off of cannabis products.

Now, keep in mind that just how much the munchies hit you and when they ramp up depends on several variables such as the strain type used in that said hemp-infused product (even certain terpenes can enhance this effect), a product’s milligram strength, the dosage amount, and simply the manner in which your body utilizes cannabinoids.

Something else to also consider is the delivery method.  It turns out that the product type/delivery method determines how and when THC-B reaches peak levels in the bloodstream:

  • Vapes: The munchies usually kick in within 45-60 minutes after inhalation.
  • Flower: The munchies usually kick in within 45-60 minutes after inhalation.
  • Dabs: The munchies usually kick in within 30-45 minutes after inhalation.
  • Gummies: The munchies usually kick in within about 3-4 hours after consumption.
  • Tinctures: The munchies usually kick in within 90 minutes-2 hours after consumption.

These Overseas Snacks are Practically Made for Your Next THC-B High

The exotic snacks collection at ELYXR has crunchy savory snacks, sweet treats, and beverages, with flavors you just won’t find in supermarkets around you.  Imported from all over the world, they go above and beyond to really capture the most intense cravings we have when we’re high.  Flavor is, of course, a subjective matter, but after trying out the entire catalog, we’re happy to report our favorites below.

#7: Kit Kat Dessert Delights (Divine Choco Pudding)

Let’s start out with something for chocolate lovers, who crave nothing more than that decadent taste when they’re stoned.  Kit Kat Dessert Delights is a UK product, taking the humble KitKat Bar that we all grew up eating to a whole new level of luxury.  Available in 3 chocolaty flavors, this one goes above and beyond by filling those wafer cookies with ultra-rich chocolate pudding.  Each bite is pure heaven when you’re high on THC-B, with the different levels of chocolate, combined with the variety of textures, hitting the spot over and over again.

#6: Cheetos (Roasted Turkey)

We know Roasted Turkey Cheetos sound a bit, well, weird.  But, trust us here, and think about how many flavor combos you’ve come up with while high that sound even crazier.  The turkey offers an ultra-savory flavor, with Japanese seasoning that ties together the classic cheesy snack with the beloved poultry.  You’ll likely find yourself licking your fingers long after you work your way through the entire bag.

#5: Chips Ahoy Soft Sandwich Cookies (Chocolate Chunk)

We all recognize the Chips Ahoy name, but don’t asleep on the brand’s products being made outside of the US – particularly in the Asian market.  These soft sandwich cookies are absolutely to-die-for, especially if you crave chocolate when you’re high.  A moist chocolate cookie coating is stuffed to the max with cookie dough filling and rich chocolate chunks, offering up a snack that you’ll never want to keep out of your munchies rotation moving forward.

#4: Pringles Chips (Chili Lemon Crab)

If you’re all about Asian umami flavors, we’ve got the ultimate crunchy snack for your next munchies session.  These Pringles offer the same iconic flavor and shape as the ones we’re used to here – as well as the signature tin – but the flavor is totally unique.  Chili, lemon, and crab come together to provide a savory, complex taste that your stoned taste buds won’t be able to get enough of.

#3: Chips Ahoy Soft Cookies

Another knockout product from Chips Ahoy’s Asian market is these soft cookies, which will make anyone with a sweet tooth feel like they’ve found their holy grail snack.  Super moist red velvet cookies are loaded with creamy, sweet white chocolate chips, tart dehydrated raspberries, and sweet dehydrated blueberries, for a slightly off-kilter but totally mouthwatering take on a dessert we all love here in the states.  It’s a must for cookie lovers, especially when high.

#2: Nestle Shark Wafer Bites (Cheese)

When it comes to cheesy snacks, they just satisfy differently when we’re high, and we mean that in a very, very good way.  These Chinese Nestle snacks consist of crunchy, light-as-air wafer biscuits, stuffed with delicious fillings.  Cheese is a no-brainer for savory lovers, and the rich, creamy cheddar-like taste is outstanding, while the texture alone is absolutely addictive.

#1: Lay’s Chips (Mayonnaise)

Last but not least, we have a flavor combo from Lay’s that sounds like it was invented by a stoner – Mayonnaise.  This rich and creamy take on classic potato chips is even more mouthwatering than it sounds, with the undeniable taste of mayo complementing the potato perfectly.  There’s really nothing to say about it other than that it’s something you must try the next time you wanna get your THC-B on.

ELYXR THC-B + Exotic Snacks: You’re in for a Real Treat!

THC-B is an absolute must-try if you’re all about super potent and euphoric highs.  And, once those munchies hit, we can satisfy your cravings while you enjoy the psychoactive properties of our THC-B products, with exotic snacks from all over the world to keep your cravings at bay, with something for everyone.  Explore our collection today!

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