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Best Exotic Snacks When You Get the Delta 9o Munchies

Best Exotic Snacks When You Get the Delta 9o Munchies

Delta 9o is the cannabinoid that offers a legal way to enjoy a classic delta 9 high, being the acetated form of delta 9 THC, with the acetate metabolizing upon absorption.  As a result, you can expect the same enjoyable effects that you get with “regular” THC, like a super uplifting yet stress-relieving high, a feeling of total ease in the body, and all kinds of potential benefits.

Obviously, another well-known effect of THC is its appetite boosting-properties, which leave us with the munchies – in other words, that sudden craving for the tastiest snacks possible.  The munchies is a scientifically proven effect of delta 9, along with many other cannabinoids in cannabis, and many will tell you that food actually tastes better when you’re high, too.

Given that, ELYXR has released a new lineup of Exotic Snacks, which act as the ultimate munchies for when you’re high off of our products.  With totally innovative flavor profiles you won’t find in the US supermarkets, these exotic snacks are dreams-come-true when delta 9o kicks in.

What are “The Munchies” and When Do They Kick in?

The munchies” refers to that sudden increase in appetite that happens when we consume most cannabinoids in cannabis.  Usually, when we get the munchies, we start craving any ol’ snacks rather than “healthier” foods or full meals – our pantries get cleared out pretty quickly.

Now, the reason why the munchies are so common comes from how certain cannabinoids interact with serotonin receptors.  Serotonin is the neurotransmitter in the brain that we largely associate with mood – it’s kinda recognized as the “happy” hormone.  But, an uptick in serotonin also means an increase in appetite, which explains why we can get a sudden hit of cravings when we’re under the influence of these hemp derivatives.

Directly how much the munchies hit you and when they speed up depends on several variables such as the strain type used in that said hemp-infused product (even certain terpenes can enhance this effect), a product’s milligram strength, dosage amount, and how your body utilizes cannabinoids.

The next consideration, however, is that selected delivery method.  Basically, the product type/delivery method you’re using can determine how and when delta 9o reaches peak levels in the bloodstream:

  • Vapes: The munchies usually kick in within 45-60 minutes after inhalation.
  • Flower: The munchies usually kick in within 45-60 minutes after inhalation.
  • Dabs: The munchies usually kick in within 30-45 minutes after inhalation.
  • Gummies: The munchies usually kick in within about 3-4 hours after consumption.
  • Tinctures: The munchies usually kick in within 90 minutes-2 hours after consumption.

When Those Delta 9o Munchies Strike, You Need an Exotic Snack!

With all that being said, it’s time to cover our favorite exotic snacks at ELYXR that you can treat yourself to when you’re high off of our delta 9o products.  Each of the flavors below is totally one-of-a-kind, and hard to find outside of its country of origin.  While we get that flavor is subjective, we’re confident that you won’t be disappointed with any of these choices below.

#7: Oreo Cookies (Strawberry Creme)

You’ll find few people who couldn’t kill a whole bag of Oreos in one sitting – even when they’re not high.  Over in China, this iconic cookie comes in some pretty unique flavors, and Strawberry Crème is a clear winner.  With its rich and creamy strawberry filling, it’s like the makeover we didn’t know the cookie needed.  And, when you’re high, that yummy flavor combo satisfies on a whole new level.

#6: Lay’s Chips (Brown Sugar)

Many of us are no stranger to Lay’s love for coming up with new and unique limited edition flavors.  But, overseas, there’s a whole other variety of flavor options that you won’t find here.  Case in point: Brown Sugar, which sounds like it shouldn’t work, except it does.  And, let’s be real – that sweet and salty combo is something we absolutely love when we’re high.  Take our word for it, and munch on these when the delta 9o kicks in.

#5: Dorito’s (Hot and Spicy)

Dorito’s are already a classic “munchies” go-to, and these Chinese Dorito’s elevate the classic recipe beyond belief.  As you can guess from the name, “Hot and Spicy” packs a punch, so go easy if you’re not someone with a high spice tolerance.  At the same time, those who do like some heat are likely to fall totally in love with this overseas variety, since there’s something about spicy foods that really complements being high off of THC.

#4: KitKat Mini Bag (Cheesecake)

KitKats are something we all grew up eating, so they may not sound exactly exotic to our taste buds.  But, these Asian KitKats offer a whole new experience, which happens to hit extra hard when you’re stoned.  The iconic chocolate-covered wafer bars come in a miniature size, and we really can’t get enough of the Cheesecake flavor, which is every bit as rich, creamy, and tangy as the real thing, layered in chocolate, with that crunch that adds the kind of texture we love all the more when we’re high.

#3: Fanta Soda (White Peach)

If you’re looking for something to wash down those munchies with, while getting rid of cottonmouth, you’ve found it.  Fanta is a popular soda company here in the US, but this Coca-Cola-owned soft drink brand is found all over the world.  This Fanta flavor is White Peach, popular on the Asian market, and we love that it’s not as syrupy-sweet as American sodas.  The white peach flavor is super soothing and mellow, quenching the thirst beautifully.

#2: Kinder Creamy Milky and Crunchy

Creamy Milky and Crunchy from Kinder is an iconic chocolate treat in Europe, but here in the states, it’s practically unheard of.  But, once you find out what it is, you won’t want to miss out – especially after enjoying some delta 9o.  Including its own spoon attached to the package, it consists of a rich milk chocolate shell, filled with creamy “milk” and crunchy puffed rice – basically, the ultimate stoner’s dream if you’re a chocolate lover.

#1: Lay’s Limited Edition Chips (Sizzling Squid)

Sure, squid-flavored potato chips doesn’t exactly sound like the first thing you’d reach for when you’ve got the munchies, but still, trust us – this one is a hit.  It’s all about the umami, providing that ultra-savory taste that is a staple of Chinese cuisine.  Rather than tasting excessively fishy to the point of overkill, it delivers the classic Lay’s potato chip taste with just the right amount of seafood flavor to really captivate like nothing else.

Delta 9o + ELYXR’s Exotic Snacks: A Match Made in Cannabis Heaven

Delta 9o products at ELYXR have provided countless cannabis lovers with a legal way to enjoy the high they know and love – munchies and all.  Thankfully, you can satisfy those munchies with the mouthwatering exotic snacks at ELYXR, to really take your munchies game to a whole new level.

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