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Best Exotic Snacks When You Get the Delta 10 Munchies

Best Exotic Snacks When You Get the Delta 10 Munchies

Delta 10 THC is still pretty new to the market – but already, it’s a very common go-to choice amongst hemp enthusiasts for its uplifting, almost energizing “high”.  One, that’s milder than delta 9 THC, so that users can enjoy a clear mind and super fun buzz.  Delta 10 THC is so new that we know very little about it, including any potential benefits it may have to offer.

One debate about Delta 10 THC is whether or not it can give people the munchies.  Some say that when they’re high on delta 10 products, they feel an undeniable appetite boost, while others say it works like an appetite suppressant for them.  Either way, those who do find themselves reaching for the closest snacks may be seeking out an alternative to the same old variety at the local bodega.  Enter ELYXR’s new and exciting collection of Exotic Snacks, all curated from across the globe, and containing some super unique flavor profiles that hit extra hard when you’re toasted.

What are “The Munchies” and When Do They Kick in?

When we talk about “the munchies”, we mean that big appetite boost that happens when we take most cannabis-derived cannabinoids.  When we get the munchies, what we usually crave are sweet or savory snacks, and we find that we can down a whole bag of chips or box of cookies in one sitting, no problem.

The reason why we get the munchies is due to how certain cannabinoids interact with serotonin receptors.  Serotonin is the neurotransmitter in the brain that we largely associate with mood – it’s sorta recognized as the “happy” hormone.  But, an uptick in serotonin also means an increase in appetite, which explains why we can get a sudden hit of cravings when we’re under the influence of these hemp derivatives.

How strong the munchies are, and when they start to kick in, is going to depend on a few factors including the strain type used in that said hemp-infused product (even certain terpenes can enhance this effect), a product’s milligram strength, the dosage amount and simply the manner in which your body essentially uses cannabinoids.

Another factor is the delivery method.  That’s right, the product type/delivery method determines how and when delta 10 THC reaches peak levels in the bloodstream:

  • Vapes: The munchies usually kick in within 45-60 minutes after inhalation.
  • Flower: The munchies usually kick in within 45-60 minutes after inhalation.
  • Dabs: The munchies usually kick in within 30-45 minutes after inhalation.
  • Gummies: The munchies usually kick in within about 3-4 hours after consumption.
  • Tinctures: The munchies usually kick in within 90 minutes-2 hours after consumption.

The Ultimate Exotic Snacks for Your Delta 10 High

ELYXR’s Exotics snacks collection has something for everyone, including sweets, savory snacks, and beverages.  So, which ones will pair the best with your delta 10 high?  While it goes without saying that flavor is a highly subjective topic, we have had the pleasure of trying out all of these mouthwatering snacks from overseas, and we’re happy to provide you with our personal list.

#7: Lay’s Chips (Truffle Lays)

When it comes to savory snacks, potato chips never disappoint – especially when we’re high, and that crunchy texture is every bit as addictive as the flavor itself.  In case you didn’t know, Lay’s is an international company, and they offer various flavors around the world that you won’t find in US supermarkets.  Truffle Lays offer the ultimate umami flavor bomb – truffle mushrooms, which take the humble potato chip to new heights.

#6: Cheetos (Japanese Steak)

Another iconic crunchy snack has gotten a makeover overseas, this time in Japan, where the classic Cheetos come in flavors that you’ll never encounter in your local food store.  Japanese Steak may sound off-putting at first, but believe us when we say that it hits the spot beyond belief.  The rich, meaty flavor goes perfectly well with the yummy cheddar, and the Japanese seasoning is ever-so-slightly sweet, to provide a complex flavor profile that’s surprisingly addictive.

#5: Oreo Ultra Thin Biscuit (Rose)

Rose-flavored Oreos?  Sign us up!  These Chinese Oreos flavors are totally off-kilter in all of the right ways, while offering an “ultra-thin” biscuit that’s crisp and delicate, perfectly complementing the subtle and unique rose-flavored cream that’s between.  When you’re high, you’ll be even more blown away by just how special and out-of-the-box the flavor profile is.

#4: KitKat Mini Bag (Cheesecake)

We’re all familiar with KitKat Bars, since we all grew up with them.  But, you’ve never had them like this before.  These miniature KitKats are popular in Asian markets, offering unique fillings that aren’t available in our grocery stores.  We’re obsessed with Cheesecake, which provides that classic KitKat blend of crisp wafer cookies and rich milk chocolate, with a cheesecake filling that’s every bit as decadent as it sounds.  If you’re wild about rich and creamy desserts, you don’t want to miss out – especially when you’re high on delta 10.

#3: Ocean Bomb Dragon Ball Z Drinks (UI Goku Apple)

Yes, people do report cottonmouth with delta 10 THC, so it’s no surprise that we also crave thirst-quenching beverages when we’re high.  And, this one really has a lot to offer, especially if you happen to be a fan of the Dragon Ball Z franchise.  Ocean Bomb Dragon Ball Z Drinks come in 1.1oz cans, and they’re made by a popular Taiwanese soft drink company.  This bubbly elixir is flavored with crisp apple – but remember that Asian palates typically prefer a mellower kind of sweetness, which we happen to love in this case, since the drink is unbelievably refreshing.

#2: Oreo Cookies Limited Edition (Grapefruit and Mango)

You really can’t go wrong with Oreo’s, as we already discussed.  Another uniquely exotic variation on the classic sandwich cookie is this Grapefruit and Mango version, which is intensely intriguing to the taste buds – especially when you’re high.  The cream filling is bursting with fruity flavor, while the vanilla sandwich cookies hit the spot with their surprising complexity that enthralls you when you’re high.

#1: Lay’s Chips (Spicy Lobster)

Lay’s is a big hit for stoners – after all, it’s the second time the brand has appeared on our list – and another must-try option is Spicy Lobster, delivering a deeply umami flavor once again, this time from everyone’s favorite seafood.  Buttery, rich, and subtly sweet lobster pairs well with Asian chilis to provide a flavor that must be tasted to be believed, which, of course, slaps on a new level when you’re really high.

These Munchies Will Elevate Your Delta 10 Experience with Exotic and Rare Flavors 

Overall, ELYXR Delta 10 THC products may or may not give you the munchies – it seems to depend on each individual’s endocannabinoid system.  But, either way, these exotic snacks are every bit worth exploring.  Especially, when you’re high, since they offer flavors that hit the spot when your favorite cannabinoids are peaking.

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