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10 Reasons to Get Your Hemp ‘Vape On’ with ELYXR Disposable Vapes

10 Reasons to Get Your Hemp ‘Vape On’ with ELYXR Disposable Vapes

There is a reason why disposable vapes continue to remain at the top of the list as far as cannabinoids are concerned.  They’re user-friendly, bioavailable and available in a lush selection of strains, checking all of the boxes to virtually guarantee a deeply blissful hemp experience.  At ELYXR, we’ve gone above and beyond to craft our line of signature disposable vapes, which really take the concept of vaping to new heights with a generous array of options for every hemp enthusiast’s needs.

Why are ELYXR Disposable Vapes The Option For Hemp Vapers to Try?

ELYXR’s Disposable Vapes offer a more convenient, user-friendly way to enjoy fresh, locally sourced cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum impact.  You can choose from a variety of in-demand psychoactive cannabinoids, while selecting the ideal strain based on your most specific needs.  All the meanwhile, you will be enjoying one of the cleanest formulas on the market.

Need more convincing before explore our awesome selection? Okay then, check out these amazing reasons below.

Reason #1: Enjoy Fast-Acting, Potent Effects Like Never Before

If you’re new to the concept of vaping, then you don’t know what you’ve been missing.  By inhaling the compounds of the hemp plant, we get to enjoy unparalleled bioavailability, meaning that these compounds absorb into the body in a highly efficient manner.  The result?  Effects that kick in within just minutes, and simply feel more potent than what other delivery methods can offer.  The effects typically last for about 1-2 hours, so you can get back to your daily routine.

Reason #2: Choose from a Selection of Sought-After Cannabinoids

ELYXR offers a variety of cannabinoid-based formulas, since everyone wants something different out of the hemp plant. Just take for instance our:

  • Delta 8 Disposables provide a pure form of the fairly mild psychoactive cannabinoid for those looking to unwind and chill out without losing focus.
  • Delta 10 Disposables supply a stronger and more awakening effect so you can really get your vape on throughout the day.
  • HHC Disposables deliver a cannabinoid that provides a high that’s incredibly similar to that of delta 9 THC.

Reason #3: Find the Perfect Strain To Meet Your Hemp-Based Vaping Needs

ELYXR Disposable Vapes contain botanically derived terpenes, configured to match the most beloved strains in the natural world.  Find the ideal indica, sativa, or hybrid strain based on what effects you’re looking to achieve, alongside those of your favorite cannabinoid.  Whether you’re looking for a strain to give you a boost during the daytime, a strain to chill out with at the end of the evening or something in between, we’ve got it all.  We’re proud to provide some of the most highly sought-after strains on the market, like AK47, ZKITTLEZ, Trainwreck, Blue Dream, Skywalker OG, and others, along with rarer strains like Lemon Lights, 99 Problems, Bonkers, and more.

Reason #4: Enjoy an Ultra-Pure and Clean Vape Oil Formula

We refuse to load our vape oil formula with chemicals and other unnecessary additives.  Each disposable contains vape oil that consists strictly of natural ingredients – just pure cannabinoid distillates and naturally extracted terpenes.  This way, you know that you’re putting into your body only what nature intended, without any pesky fillers interfering with the purity levels we’ve worked hard to achieve.

Reason #5: Access Third-Party Lab Reports to Feel Confident About Your Vaping Experience

All ELYXR Disposable Vapes are accompanied by a third-party lab report.  This means that we had our hemp extracts tested by a state-authorized third-party testing facility, to ensure that our product meets the proper standards when it comes to potency, purity, quality and federal compliance.  These lab reports show you objective, unbiased information that lets you know just how exceptional our vape oils truly are.

Reason #6: Never Charge a Battery Again

If you’re new to the concept of disposables, allow us to explain.  Disposable vapes are “all-in-one” vaping systems, meaning that the battery and the cartridge arrive pre-attached to one another, requiring no external parts of any kind.  These devices are not meant to be recharged, since the battery is designed to last for as long as it takes to get through all of the vape oil.  This adds a ton of convenience to your vaping routine, along with the fact that the entire vaping system can be thrown out once the vape oil is empty.

Reason #7: Get to Vaping Right Away

Because our Disposable Vapes arrive fully assembled, fully charged and filled with vape oil, you don’t need to do anything but start vaping once you take it out of its package.  There’s no preparation required, no downtime while you wait for the battery to charge, or complicated settings that require adjusting.  If you’re a vaping beginner, you will have no trouble vaping right off the bat.

Reason #8: Portable, Pocket and Pure-Friendly, and Simply Travel-Friendly

We designed our Disposable Vapes to be as portable as possible, knowing that a lot of our customers like to travel with their favorite cannabinoids.  These devices are ultra-slim and lightweight, allowing them to easily fit into your pocket.  If you’re someone who’s always craving hemp while you’re away from home, our disposables are perfect for you.  Take it to work to enjoy some cannabinoids on your lunch break, or bring it on a hike for quick and easy puffs of cannabinoid-rich vapor.

Reason #9: Made in the USA

ELYXR Disposable Vapes are all made in the good ol’ USA, which sees some of the highest manufacturing standards on all hemp products.  Because our vape oil is made with locally sourced hemp, you can count on it being incredibly fresh by the time it arrives at your door.  This also means that the hemp was grown according to strict agricultural guidelines which leads to a premium-quality product.

Reason #10: The Reviews Speak for Themselves

ELYXR Disposable Vapes have earned us over a thousand positive reviews, and these reviews speak for themselves.  They prove that we’re offering a product that exceeds customer demands, providing nothing but the purest, most effective cannabinoids and terpenes possible.  These reviews also show that our disposables are reliable, so that each and every puff of vapor is just as fresh and satisfying as the last.

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Jodi Barnes - October 30, 2023

I had a disposable vape, and it made me extremely sick. I had used about half of the vape, my doctor told me to stop immediately so I did. I returned it to Elxyr along with an unused cartridge and I was told. I was refunded for the cart but they will NOT give me a refund for the vape because they said I sent it back empty and that is wrong. I did NOT send back an empty vape., it made me very sick so I stopped. Using it. I’m very disappointed in the way I have been treated. Since they will not refund me for a disposable vape that made me sick. And they have been rude and disrespectful. Due to this, I will no longer purchase from here as they do NOT follow their own refund policies and they are very unpleasant to work with.

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